#70: The Apple Barrel at Lyman Orchards



When we walked into the Apple Barrel, which is the name Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, Connecticut has given its storefront, we were immediately struck by the sheer amount of items offered and how many customers were filling the place, even on a Thursday afternoon. While the name Lyman Orchards might bring to mind some of the best pies and cider in the state, the Apple Barrel shows that they are truly much more than just that.


We were very impressed with the wide variety of locally grown and produced items for sale at the Apple Barrel. We were met with an abundance of fresh produce, stuffed breads, doughnuts, and other baked goods everywhere we looked, as well as a full service deli where a several different types of sandwiches and meats were available. People from all age groups were represented among the customers milling around the shop, proving that this country farm market is a place that has something for everyone.


With a long work day winding down, the bakery was one of the first places that called our names. We decided to try out some apple cider doughnuts and a raspberry danish, which were flanked with a bottle of freshly pressed Lyman Orchards apple cider – sweet, tart, and refreshing. Our enjoyment was only bolstered by the fact that as we enjoyed our sweet snack, we knew we were living by our own words and were not just living, giving, and shopping, but also TASTING local.


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