#71: The Danbury Music Centre

Ariel Rudiakov and the Danbury Symphony Orchestra. Photo courtesy of the Danbury Music Centre.


The Danbury Music Centre, located in a beautiful brick building at 256 Main Street in downtown Danbury, Connecticut, is a non-profit organization that has been celebrating local music of all genres since 1935.  The Centre was founded by composer and teacher Donald Tweedy and has since continued to offer a variety of music programs for musicians and music-lovers alike.  The Centre will be presenting its 45th annual performance of the Nutcracker Ballet this weekend, with Tchaikovsky’s score being performed by the Danbury Symphony Orchestra and talented dancers from throughout the state bringing the ballet to life.


The Orchestra, currently conducted by Ariel Rudiakov, is only one of the Centre’s community ensembles; others include the Danbury Community Orchestra, Danbury Concert Chorus, and the Danbury Preparatory String Orchestra.  These ensembles are often performing publicly at various venues in and around Danbury, and often for free or at a very low cost.  The Centre also offers various summer enrichment programs, including string ensembles, Afrikan drumming, and chorus.


For more information on the Centre and its events and programs, visit danbury.org/MusicCtr.  Like them on Facebook here.



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