#73: The Edmond Town Hall Theater

The Edmond Town Hall. Photo: Carol Kaliff/The News Times.


I’ve been seeing movies at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, Connecticut for as long as I can remember.  It’s the place where my brother, at six weeks old, saw his first movie, Bear, in 1990.  For my sixth grade birthday party, a bunch of my friends and I dressed up in sparkly evening gowns and high heels from my family’s “dress up box” and went to see The Fighting Temptations.  I’m not sure how long Edmond Town Hall has actually been a movie theater, but my parents, who have been married for thirty years, used to go there on dates.  Just last week, my mom, dad and I saw Skyfall, the new James Bond movie.  We arrived, as always, too early because my mom has to get her favorite seat in the right rear row.  As people entered, carrying bags of buttered popcorn, we laughed about the time my brother dropped an entire box of Gobstoppers from the back row and clattered as they rolled to the front of the theater.


The best part of Edmond Town Hall is that the tickets are only $2. Of course, the sound quality may not be as phenomenal as Loews, but there aren’t any commercials or an excess of previews before the movie, and  the popcorn and candy are reasonably priced. The theater is newly furnished with burgundy seats, and there’s a warm feeling of community throughout the building. The films shown at the theater are a few months old, but it’s worth the wait.


The Edmond Town Hall Theater is open seven days a week with regular showings at 7 and 9pm and features matinees on the weekend and on Tuesdays.


Mary Hawley, a famous and mysterious Newtown benefactress, sponsored the construction of Edmond Town Hall, which was completed in 1930.  She passed away before its completion.  The theater is housed within a Georgia brick colonial and also has numerous meeting rooms, the lovely Alexandria Room, and a large gymnasium.  The town’s administrative offices were previously housed in Edmond before moving to new facilities in Fairfield Hills a few years back.  The Hall was given to the town and named for Ms. Hawley’s maternal grandfather, Judge William Edmond.  As a child, one of my favorite things to do before a movie was to explore the murals of local landmarks in the building’s stairwells.


In her will, Ms. Hawley required that the town offices use the building at no cost and that the Board of Managers oversee the use and upkeep of the facility  Today, Ms. Hawley’s endowment only covers part of  what is required to maintain the building.   Additional funding comes from facility rentals and supporters of the Mary Hawley Society, an organization devoted to preserving the Edmond Town Hall.


The Edmond Town Hall is located at 45 Main Street in Newtown.  For more information, call (203)426-2475 or visit edmondtownhall.org.


Showing this week: Promised Land, through Thursday 2/14


Next week: Wreck It Ralph, 2/15 through 2/21



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