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The Mercurial is a wonderful, worldly (web) magazine rooted in Greater Danbury, Connecticut and New England with an annual readership of 30,000 and growing.  The magazine, first launched in the fall of 2009 , is devoted to off-the-beaten-path stories, the arts, investigative news, and global issues.  In April of 2011, the Mercurial Gallery opened its doors to the public.  The gallery continues to foster adventurous and accessible art in downtown Danbury, Connecticut with exhibitions, music performances, artist talks, and other events.  Visit the gallery at 11 Library Place, Danbury, CT and at



‘Crown of Clowns’ exhibit, fall 2012. Photo by Rick Buckholz.





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The Mercurial Staff





Amanda Bloom




Amanda, a lifelong writer, started The Mercurial in her final semester at Western Connecticut State University after developing a passion for journalism both in and out of school.  She opened The Mercurial Gallery two years later and currently works as gallery co-curator, magazine editor, and advertising sales manager.


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PromoImageKatie Bassett


Co-curator, The Mercurial Gallery


Katie has a BFA in sculpture and graphic design and is currently pursuing her MFA in mixed media painting at Western Connecticut State University. She is an experimental artist in her personal work and pushes the limits with all things art in her life. Katie is co-curator at The Mercurial Gallery.


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Joshua L. Durkin




Josh lives and grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a degree in journalism and now writes. Since journalism is not the only way to get at the truth of what it means to be human, he also writes fiction, and pays attention to music, the arts, movies, shows, the wars, and other vices that people binge on, in order to get an idea of where we are going.



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Kyle Jeremy Neidig


Writer, Astrologist


Kyle Neidig grew up in Newtown, Connecticut. He graduated from Newtown High School in 2003, and in 2007 earned his bachelor’s in Professional Writing from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. Kyle has been studying astrology since he was 14 years old, and now, at the age of 27, his interests have taken him to ethno-musicology, meditational sciences and handmade art. Kyle consistently breaks the mold with cutting edge arts and crafts and philosophical discoveries. Whether he be making a peyote stitch necklace or constructing a didjeridoo, djembe, or flute, you can be sure that this man is passionately dedicated to the mysteries of the universe.  Shop at Kyle’s online store here.


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2013 Interns




000_0026[1]Rebecca DiFabbio


Magazine intern


Rebecca DiFabbio is a student at Delaware Valley College majoring in livestock science and management with a minor in media and communications. She is planning on attending graduate school for science journalism in 2014. Rebecca loves animals, science, reading, writing, working with honeybees, exercising, and being with friends and family. She is very excited to be writing for The Mercurial, as she loves anything to do with writing and enjoys meeting different people through interviews and learning about local current events. Her ultimate dream career is to be a reporter for National Geographic, but any science or agricultural publication will be perfect. Rebecca is looking forward to writing for The Mercurial as an intern this summer and learning even more about the joys of journalism.



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