Artist Talk: Jana Ireijo

From left to right: “Breathe Out So I Can Breathe You In" by Jana Ireijo, artist Jennifer Wen Ma, and Ireijo at the opening reception of ‘re·la·tion’ at The Mercurial Gallery. Photo by Samantha Quattro.
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Audio recorded by Alec Jordan


As a part of The Mercurial Gallery’s ‘re·la·tion’ exhibition, on display through May 17, the gallery held an artist talk with featured artist Jana Ireijo, a painter from Westport, Connecticut.  Ireijo, a mother and triathlete, is originally from Hawaii and creates bright, often large-scale paintings depicting animals – she says they are self-portraits revealing obsessive ruminations on identity, memory, and desire.


Take a peek inside Ireijo’s mind and discover her evolving process with this recording from the April 25 talk, and be sure to visit the exhibition before it closes on May 17 1 at 11 Library Place in downtown Danbury, Connecticut.  More information at





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