Word(s) of the Monday: “surveillance state”

By Joshua L. Durkin

  surveillance: close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal state: 1 the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time; [in singular] (a state) an agitated or anxious condition. 2 a nation or territory considered as an organized political… Read more »

Word(s) of the Monday (on Tuesday): “White Noise”

Joshua L. Durkin

  White 1 resembling a surface reflecting sunlight without absorbing any of the visible rays; of the color of milk or fresh snow. 2 approaching such a color; pale esp. in the face. 3 less dark than other things of the same kind. Noise 1… Read more »

Word of the Wednesday, May 1, 2013: “Real”

Amanda Bloom

    real adjective actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed : Julius Caesar was a real person | a story drawing on real events | her many illnesses, real and imaginary. • used to emphasize the significance or… Read more »

Word of the Monday: “Ullage”

Amanda Bloom

  ullage |ˈəlij| noun the amount by which a container falls short of being full.     -loss of liquid by evaporation or leakage. ORIGIN late Middle English : from Anglo-Norman French ulliage, from Old French euillier ‘fill up,’ based on Latin oculus ‘eye’ (with… Read more »

Word of the Monday, April 8. 2013: “Sequester”

Joshua L. Durkin

  sequester  verb [ trans. ] 1 isolate or hide away (someone or something) : Tiberius was sequestered on an island | the artist sequestered himself in his studio for two years. •2 take legal possession of (assets) until a debt has been paid or… Read more »

Word of the Monday, April 15, 2013: “small beer”

Amanda Bloom

  small beer noun 1 chiefly Brit. a thing that is considered unimportant : even with $10,000 to invest, you are still small beer for most stockbrokers. 2 archaic weak beer.   Small beer – another way to say no big deal, small potatoes, mole… Read more »

Word of the Monday, April 1, 2013: “Eeyorish”

Amanda Bloom

  It’s always interesting when an instance of pop culture or slang cements itself into our dictionaries.  Some recent notables include “f-bomb,” “man cave,” and “sexting.”   Today’s Word of the Monday can be credited to A.A. Milne, the author of the  1920s Winnie-the-Pooh series.  His lovable,… Read more »

Word of the Monday – March 25, 2013

Jeff Aylward

  Howdy folks! I’ll be serving you up tasty Words of the Monday because your Monday is exactly one word short. Always. So we’re going to fix that with duct tape and, pal(s).   The Word of the Monday is:   xanadu noun. A… Read more »

A new column on The Mercurial, 'Word of the Monday,' debuts with "oneiroparonomastician."

Word of the Monday – March 18, 2013

Joshua L. Durkin

  Oneiroparonomastician noun   An Englishman writing about an Irishman, who was without doubt one of the great literary influences of the twentieth century, and all centuries for that matter, coined one of the more interesting words I’ve come across.   “Oneiroparonomastician,” or “dream-pun-namer,” is… Read more »

The World of Non-Dating: A Review of ‘The Gaggle’

The Mercurial Gallery

  The Gaggle: How the Men You Know Will Help You Find the Love You Want, a self-help book on dating, relationships, and love by Jessica Massa, casts off traditional dating myths and lore by offering a guide on how to view and inhabit what… Read more »

The POEMobile Hits Bridgeport Arts Fest on July 13

Mercurial Staff

  On Saturday, July 13 at 8:30pm, the POEMobile, a beautifully hand-painted truck covered in multilingual poetry that houses an innovative, open-air text projection system, will visit Bridgeport’s Arts Fest. Led by poetry ambassador Shanna T. Melton, Bridgeport’s best and brightest poets will perform along… Read more »

The Insider – Part 17

Joseph Benedict

  “You sure it’s safe here?” Russel asked as the elevator doors pinched shut behind him and his son.   Their well-dressed host turned and lifted his arm to indicate the wide hallway walled with polished oak and the opulent penthouse suite spread out beyond… Read more »

The Insider – Part 16

Joseph Benedict

  Fang kept her hands low and steady, wondering if the martial arts or whatever she had done at to the guards and the men who had tried to take her would kick in. She didn’t feel any sudden impulses to whip around and chop… Read more »

Homebrewing Expert Pens ‘For the Love of Hops’

The Brewers Association

  Centuries ago, brewers discovered the potential of an unassuming flower growing on vines. Now, it’s nearly impossible to find a beer without hops, which is why Brewers Publications tapped beer and homebrewing expert Stan Hieronymus to pen For the Love of Hops: The Practical Guide to… Read more »

Hogarth Hogs the Spotlight

Michael Iovino

  British painter William Hogarth is known for being the most honest artist of 18th century. His depictions of so-called “modern moral subjects” were crude, yet nothing was capable of capturing the repugnant reality of East London in more vivid detail. Hogarth’s portrayal of the… Read more »

Conversing: The Pieces

Robert Rae

Lisa Marie Ackerly and Derek Piotr A clearer space leaves her: bisque colossus, collapsed limbless (in all but dying leaves), sighs—— Lisa Marie Ackerly and Derek Piotr     A clearer space leaves her: bisque colossus, collapsedlimbless (in all but dyingleaves), sighs——deprived of the luxuryof… Read more »

Book Review: I Want My MTV


  For those of you that have forgotten or are too young to remember, MTV (formerly Music Television; they changed it to MTV a few years ago) was a network consisting almost solely of music videos, music-related programming, and not much else. As the many,… Read more »

Award-Winning Latino Author To Speak in Bridgeport

Mercurial Staff

  Award-winning author Sergio Troncoso, the son of Mexican immigrants who grew up on the outskirts of El Paso, will speak at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut on Thursday, April 4.   Troncoso draws on his life experience for many of his works – From This Wicked… Read more »

A Timely Book: Gender & Sexuality For Beginners

Rebecca DiFabbio

  Gender & Sexuality For Beginners, written by Jaimee Garbacik and illustrated by Jeffrey Lewis, was just released to stores worldwide on June 11. For Beginners is a Danbury, Connecticut-based illustrated documentary nonfiction book series that tackles a variety of subjects—from architecture to Plato to Ayn… Read more »

‘Persepolis’ Banned From Chicago Public School Systems?

Marcie Gainer

  The nation’s third largest school system, Illinois’ Chicago Public Schools (CPS), seems to be in the news a lot these days. Because of budget issues, CPS has recently planned to shut down 61 school buildings, affecting more than 30,000 kids – mostly students in… Read more »