Amanda Bloom

The Secret Life of Bees

  A man was just sawing some logs when he encountered a yellow jacket nest.   A Mercurial Production, starring Nico Jordan.   “These species have a lance-like stinger with small barbs, and typically sting repeatedly,though occasionally the stinger becomes lodged and pulls free of… Read more »

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#64: Route 53

  Route 53 stretches from Norwalk to Danbury, bringing Danburians to the beach mecca of  Sherwood Isle and Norwalkers to the historic, cultural hodgepodge of downtown Danbury.  It’s a scenic route that also traverses Bethel, Redding, Wilton, and Weston, and a stretch of it skirts… Read more »

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Lab-Grown Meat Is Not Ethical Meat

  The New York Times Magazine recently held an essay contest for its column “The Ethicist”, inquiring “Why Is It Ethical to Eat Meat?”  The deciding panel chose five finalists and one winner, Jay Bost, a vegan turned conscientious meat-eater, who argued that there are… Read more »

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New England BP Stations Take A Brand Break

Local British Petroleum (BP) gas stations have covered up their logos and are selling unbranded gasoline. According to letters posted at the Brookfield Four Corners BP and the Danbury Main Street BP, the stations’ supplier, Green Valley Oil, has not been delivering full gasoline deliveries… Read more »

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Danbury Business Fights for Hookah Use

On Saturday, March 24, Cloud 9, a business located at 6 Ives Street in downtown Danbury, Connecticut, was required to close down after only one month due to zoning violations.   According to Danbury Zoning Enforcement Officer Sean Hearty, Cloud 9 owner, 20-year-old city resident… Read more »

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