Joshua L. Durkin


The American Crawl, or, Happy Pre-Election Day

  This November morning, a three-day-old headline was still circulating above the fold on the website of the French paper, Le Monde.   The French, or the French news industry at least, are rather interested in our political nature despite what certain puss-filled warts and… Read more »

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Chris Thompson on Battle Stag Records and Its Summer Stampede

This weekend, Danbury’s Heirloom Arts Theatre will host the innaugural Battle Stag Records Summer Stampede, a seven band festival that Chris Thompson, of Battle Stag and on-the-bill band Eastwood, hopes will defibrillate the city’s mercurial heart into action like a controlled blast of hardcore metallic slug reminding… Read more »

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Fracking fluid pond.

The Fracked Looking Glass

The frack debate might read like lines from a Maynard Keenan screenplay about massive oil-drum gas-chemical-drooling frack well monsters who terrorize Americans by undulating and jamming their massive dorks into nubile lands. And horrible imagery like that might be why so many artists, celebrities, and regular people have gotten behind this national protest.

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