Bites Out, Part Two: Near and Far

Mezon in Danbury: Grilled chorizo on white corn cakes (lamb skewers in the background).
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Food photos speak to me. When I peruse a recipe, I can usually imagine what it will taste like and whether or not I’ll like it. However, when I look at a photo in food magazines or see a dish on TV, it can make me salivate. That reaction is most likely followed by a mad dash to the store and a flurry of activity in the kitchen trying to recreate the magical dish.


I’m not sure I’ve learned enough about iPhone photography to make this restaurant fare induce drooling, however, the presentation of a dish speaks volumes about its creator. So think of these glimpses as a sneak peek inside these eateries. There’s nothing worse than arranging for a rare night out only to find the restaurant you’ve chosen a disappointment. (Note: A favorite app for seeing area restaurant food before entering the establishment is Foodspotting.)


Connecticut eats:


Pub 25 in Newtown: Veggie Wrap


Pub 25 in Newtown: Crab Cake


Rizzuto’s in Bethel: Prosciutto Pizza


Mezon in Danbury: Sangria – the deep color almost makes this look dangerous.


Mezon in Danbury: Crab crostini with tomato and avocado.


Mezon in Danbury: Arugula salad with sunflower seeds and quinoa (and a little bit of cheese).


Mezon in Danbury: Salmon with jalapeno.


Mezon in Danbury: Pulled chicken atop jalapeno with cilantro sprouts – who knew jalapenos could make you sweat?


New Hampshire:


Red Hill Dairy in NH: The perfect roll on a perfect day.


Downtown Grille and Cafe in Wolfeboro: Grilled turkey, avocado and pesto sandwich with light and crispy onion rings.


These meals were delicious, and there were countless other dishes lovingly prepared by, well, me, and our families that I didn’t get a chance to photograph because I was busy eating. Our weekend in Boston deserves its own post, so that will be Part Three. And then there are the cupcakes…



This article was originally published on Foodie plus 4.


In addition to being a foodie, Alethea Elkins is a wife, mother of four, sister to four brothers, daughter of a foodie father, and friend to many. On any given day you will find her either at the grocery store, planning to go to the grocery store, or wishing she had. Feeding a houseful of six has proved daunting, exhausting, but oh-so rewarding as she watches her four foodies flourishing in the kitchen. By posting their adventures, Elkins hopes to connect with others who are loving life with lots of flavor.

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