Breaking Beer News: NEBCo’s Coriolis Double IPA Available ’til Saturday

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New England Brewing Company has done it again.  The Woodbridge, Connecticut-based brewery has followed up its critically acclaimed Citra Hopped IPA “Fuzzy Baby Ducks” with another masterpiece in the form of the new Double IPA, “Coriolis”.  Coriolis is a single hopped Double IPA featuring New Zealand’s “Nelson Sauvin” hop.  This paticular strain of hop is known for it’s citrus-like qualities, and they are very apparent in this beer.  Coriolis clocked in with a 8.2% ABV, but the alcohol is so well hidden that you feel like you could drink it all day (which you probably shouldn’t).


The hops’ arrival back in July. Photo courtesy of NewEngland Brewing Company.

With that said, this beer is a draft-only offering, and it’s flying out of the brewery.  I spoke with the brewery and  they said that they are trying to stretch the beer through Saturday, September 1, but I would hurry down today if you want some – they close at 7pm during the week.  If you do miss out at the brewery, it will make its rounds around downtown New Haven’s many fine beer bars in the near future.



Poured into my New England Brewing 668 tulip from a standard 64oz growler, the beverage poured a hazy yellow color.  There was roughly a half inch of head, which disappeared rather quickly. This beer left an impressive amount of lacing along the insides of theglass as well.




It’s as is Nelson Sauvin himself (not a real person) came and punched you in the nose with his hops!  Right out of the chute you get an array of tropical fruit; grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes and pineapple.  The beer also has a very earthy aroma to it, with smells of pine, and even some grass.  The nose on this beers pulls you in many different directions, and they’re all good.  Slight alcohol smell, as to be expected with a Double IPA, but very well hidden.




Appropriate amount of carbonation, and nice, medium body. Exactly what you would want and hope for in a Double IPA.  As mentioned before, the drinkability on this one is dangerous.




The taste matches the smell, which is amazing.  All the previously mentioned fruits wash over your taste buds and mesh with the hop resins in an amazing treat for your mouth.  This beer truly puts the Nelson Sauvin hop on display, and with the Coriolis, it should probably be a pedastal.  The malts are just a small support system to the hops, and there is a slight alcohol twinge as you would expect with an 8.2% beer.



This beer truly is amazing.  New England Brewing has been churning out some true classics recently, starting with their Galaxy Pale Ale, followed by Fuzzy Baby Ducks, and now with the Coriolis.  All of this is on top of their already great Sea Hag IPA, and the Gandhi Bot Double IPA.  People are beginning to mention New England Brewing with the other New England world class Pale Ales and IPAs from The Alchemist and Hill Farmstead.  I am one of those people.





New England Brewing Company is located at 7 Selden Street in Woodbridge, Connecticut.  For more information, give them a call at (203)387-2222.  Visit their website at and on Facebook here.



If you have any questions, comments, or want to send me samples to review here, I can be reached at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @nebeerhunter.



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