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Pickled Dreams

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Victoria Eastus of Carrot Top Kitchens, and her daughter Elizabeth, at the Wilton Farmers Market. Photo by Andrew Bergeron.

  In a small gravel lot just parallel to busy Route 7, the sound of rushing traffic breaks like waves upon the white tents standing under the mellow heat of the afternoon sun.   The lot belongs to the Wilton, Connecticut Historical Society, which is… Read more »

The Goodness of Coffee

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A Kona coffee from Lion's Gate Farms in Hawaii, ready for roasting at local coffee wholesale and retail store, Redding Roasters in Bethel, Connecticut.  Photo by Kaitlyn Heisler.

  Maybe it’s the whole what-I-like-must-be-bad-for-me mindset, but the way some people talk about coffee you’d think it was another chemical concoction dreamed up in the lab of a large food corporation. Fact is, researchers are just starting to grind through this brew’s rich collection of beneficial antioxidants—and… Read more »

An Evening at the Butcher Shop

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The main course at Michael Bick's farm to table dinner at Butcher's Best in Newtown, Connecticut: New York strip loin with wild mushroom ragout over saffron-curry Israeli couscous.  Photo by Renato Ghio.

  It was with much anticipation that we headed to Butcher’s Best in Newtown, Connecticut (Butcher’s Best is an advertiser on The Mercurial) for Chef Michael Bick’s first farm-to-table dinner of the year. We not only brought our appetites; we brought friends.   And you… Read more »

Ramp Fritatta

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  Much to the dismay of my sister-in-law it is once again ramp season. I, however, am delighted. I love these pungent wild gems of Spring. Since they are only around for a limited time, I like to take full advantage of their flavor.  … Read more »

Grow Connecticut Farms

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dept of ag

  As a local food supporter, I think it’s a good idea to have some general knowledge about what’s going on at the state level when it comes to agriculture. I figure part of knowing where your food comes from is also knowing what issues… Read more »

Winter Farmers Markets

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  The folks at Stanziato’s Wood Fired Pizza in Danbury posted a fun, off-the-cuff video on Facebook the other day of the flourishing greenhouses at Holbrook Farm in Bethel, Connecticut. Despite the snow and chilly temps outside, their was a warm, lush landscape of herbs… Read more »

Chicken Noodle Soup

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  Wow, do I know a lot of people who are feeling under the weather right now. I’m trying to stay ahead of it with religious hand washing and, quite frankly, just staying away from anyone who has even the slightest sniffle. I have much… Read more »

No Soak Beans

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  I tend to be a slacker when it comes to planning meals ahead of time. I typically open the fridge or the pantry and whip up dinner based on what’s inside. This habit is probably also why nine times out of ten I use… Read more »