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A Tale of Two Beer Fests

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  Summer is a wonderful time for craft beer drinkers, not only because we get to go outside and drink our fine beverages, but also because it is the season for beer festivals.  Beer festivals, as mentioned in my previous article, are a great way to sample many… Read more »

The Winners of the 2012 World Beer Cup

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  In early May, brewers from around the world received awards from an elite international panel of judges in the 2012 Brewers Association World Beer Cup in Boulder, Colorado. The ninth biennial competition boasted the strongest field of entrants on record, with 799 breweries from… Read more »

Connecticut Beers: Get Haggard With The Sea Hag

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  A MUCH ANTICIPATED REVIEW that I’ve been chatting my friends up about, I finally got to New England Brewery’s Sea Hag. I first expirenced her in New Haven’s Owl Shop, located on College Street. The brewery, based in Woodbridge Connecticut, is currently offering the… Read more »

Lemon Balm and Mint Iced Tea

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by Amanda Bloom For those times when water can’t quench you, here’s an easy recipe for a lemon balm and mint iced tea.  This herb infusion will cool and calm you from the inside out: lemon balm is known for its calming properties, and mint… Read more »

Back From Beer Camp

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  The Hop Smack Double Black is coming back.  Mark Tambascio, co-owner of My Place Restaurant and Tap Room in Newtown, Connecticut, thought that three kegs of this tasty black India Pale Ale (IPA) would last a week in his bar, but his patrons went… Read more »

“Real Ale” Draws Really Big Crowd

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  New Haven is a beer town.  From the infamous Delaney’s Tap Room on Whalley Avenue to the bustling Prime 16 Tap House on Temple Street and around the corner to the Brü Room at BAR on Crown Street, the roads seem to be paved with… Read more »

The American High Life

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by Joshua L. Durkinfrom HatCityHoppers There are so many good beers out there that I decided I needed to pick out one that no one could argue was a great beer. The sweet, sultry glass of golden empty caloric content saw me through many times… Read more »

Olde Burnside Brewing Company Puts In Their Ten Cents

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by Nick Doniger from Sizzle Grove “The craft beer business is just exploding now,” stated Bob McClellan, owner and founder of East Hartford, Connecticut’s Olde Burnside Brewing Company, in an interview.  “I don’t think it’s ever gonna crash.” That statement is a promising prospect for… Read more »

Good Beer – A Love Story Noir

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by Josh Durkin I DRINK BEER WITHOUT PREJUDICE, but in the fall season when there are especially good dark beers on draught and in store, I pay attention to stouts and porters.  There are many good dark beers, so I picked a few worth considering…. Read more »

The Best of Homebrews

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by Nick Doniger SUNDAYS CAN BE PRETTY DRY IN CONNECTICUT. If you forgot to make your Saturday beer run, you might be out of luck, due to the state’s antiquated “Blue Laws”.  Your best bet is to go to your favorite pub.  Or become a… Read more »

BREWERY SPOTLIGHT: Cavalry Brewing Co., Oxford, Conn.

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by Nick Donigerfrom Sizzle Grove …WE LIKE ALL KINDS OF BEER at Sizzle Grove, and Oxford, Connecticut-based Cavalry Brewery’s contributions are included.  While we enjoyed trying the coffee-flavored Big Wally Porter, the pale, earthy Hatch Plug Ale, and the crisp golden Dog Soldier Ale, what… Read more »