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A Timely Book: Gender & Sexuality For Beginners

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  Gender & Sexuality For Beginners, written by Jaimee Garbacik and illustrated by Jeffrey Lewis, was just released to stores worldwide on June 11. For Beginners is a Danbury, Connecticut-based illustrated documentary nonfiction book series that tackles a variety of subjects—from architecture to Plato to Ayn… Read more »

Danbury Police Misconduct

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A story reported by the News Times and the HatCityBlog is making waves: audio obtained from a March 8 traffic stop shows a Danbury police officer berating an undocumented immigrant.   According to the News Times, Officer Rob Madore initially stopped the car for running a… Read more »

The Goodness of Coffee

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  Maybe it’s the whole what-I-like-must-be-bad-for-me mindset, but the way some people talk about coffee you’d think it was another chemical concoction dreamed up in the lab of a large food corporation. Fact is, researchers are just starting to grind through this brew’s rich collection of beneficial antioxidants—and… Read more »

Comic Movies 101: Iron Man 3

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  Not sure who the Mandarin is? Don’t know your Hulkbuster from your Stealth Armor? This article’s for you.   With comic book movies, it’s not always easy keeping up with all the influences and references that the filmmakers draw upon from the wealth of… Read more »

Connecticut First in Flight?

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  Connecticut’s House of Representatives is seeking to unseat North Carolina as the state with a claim to “First in Flight.”   The House amended a bill Thursday with language to change Connecticut’s statutes to recognize Gustave Whitehead each year on “Powered Flight Day,” rather… Read more »

Drop Something in the “Great Purple Box of Words” at Garbanzofest 2

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  Seraphemera Books and their Garbanzo Literary Journal (a handmade journal, full of the writings of forty-four authors from around the world), in conjunction with independent bookseller Byrd’s Books (Byrd’s Books is an advertiser on The Mercurial) and local coffeehouse Molten Java, are excited to… Read more »

Artist Feature: Isaac GoodwIIne

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  Isaac GoodwIIne is more than just a filmmaker; he is an artistic revolutionary. His goal is to inspire, influence, and inform his audience with novel and alternative cinema. GoodwIIne takes his audience members to a new world and shares with them his inner thoughts… Read more »

Outstanding “Hip Hop Soulstress” to Perform at Pizzeria Lauretano

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  21-year old New York City “soulstress” Summer Williams comes to Bethel, Connecticut’s Pizzeria Lauretano (Pizzeria Lauretano is an advertiser on The Mercurial) on Thursday, May 16 as part of the Pizzeria’s new monthly “Soul Music Series.” Unlike most vocalists her age, Williams combines the influence of… Read more »

Artist Talk: Jana Ireijo

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Audio recorded by Alec Jordan   As a part of The Mercurial Gallery’s ‘re·la·tion’ exhibition, on display through May 17, the gallery held an artist talk with featured artist Jana Ireijo, a painter from Westport, Connecticut.  Ireijo, a mother and triathlete, is originally from Hawaii and creates bright,… Read more »

Lawmakers Debate Whether Emotional Trauma Should Be Covered By Workers’ Compensation

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  Legislators already created a privately-funded foundation to help those who responded to the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, but there’s still legislation pending that would provide individuals access to workers’ compensation benefits if they are emotionally impaired after a traumatic event.  … Read more »

Connecticut Senators Push for Long Island Sound Preservation

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  Four U.S. Senators are pushing for increased funding for the preservation of the Long Island Sound.   Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) are asking Senate leaders of the Subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies… Read more »

Photo Students Steal the WestConn Senior Thesis Show

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  Ghostly, heavenly self-portraits, abandoned buildings captured at night, stop motion projection, an installation of transparencies: True talent and innovation is showcased in the photography room at the Department of Art’s Bachelor of Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition at Western Connecticut State University (WestConn), on display through… Read more »

Ramp Fritatta

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  Much to the dismay of my sister-in-law it is once again ramp season. I, however, am delighted. I love these pungent wild gems of Spring. Since they are only around for a limited time, I like to take full advantage of their flavor.  … Read more »