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Danbury Police Misconduct

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Danbury Police Headquarters.

A story reported by the News Times and the HatCityBlog is making waves: audio obtained from a March 8 traffic stop shows a Danbury police officer berating an undocumented immigrant.   According to the News Times, Officer Rob Madore initially stopped the car for running a… Read more »

The Goodness of Coffee

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A Kona coffee from Lion's Gate Farms in Hawaii, ready for roasting at local coffee wholesale and retail store, Redding Roasters in Bethel, Connecticut.  Photo by Kaitlyn Heisler.

  Maybe it’s the whole what-I-like-must-be-bad-for-me mindset, but the way some people talk about coffee you’d think it was another chemical concoction dreamed up in the lab of a large food corporation. Fact is, researchers are just starting to grind through this brew’s rich collection of beneficial antioxidants—and… Read more »

Comic Movies 101: Iron Man 3

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The Mandarin, Iron Man's ultimate nemesis.

  Not sure who the Mandarin is? Don’t know your Hulkbuster from your Stealth Armor? This article’s for you.   With comic book movies, it’s not always easy keeping up with all the influences and references that the filmmakers draw upon from the wealth of… Read more »

Connecticut First in Flight?

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Gustave Whitehead, above with his daughter Rose, is believed by some aviation historians to have preceeded the Wright brothers by as much as three years with a manned flight. Photograph from Corbis.

  Connecticut’s House of Representatives is seeking to unseat North Carolina as the state with a claim to “First in Flight.”   The House amended a bill Thursday with language to change Connecticut’s statutes to recognize Gustave Whitehead each year on “Powered Flight Day,” rather… Read more »

Drop Something in the “Great Purple Box of Words” at Garbanzofest 2

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Garbanzo Literary Journal (book one), published in 2012.  Photo courtesy of Seraphemera Books.

  Seraphemera Books and their Garbanzo Literary Journal (a handmade journal, full of the writings of forty-four authors from around the world), in conjunction with independent bookseller Byrd’s Books (Byrd’s Books is an advertiser on The Mercurial) and local coffeehouse Molten Java, are excited to… Read more »