Conversing: The Pieces


Lisa Marie Ackerly and Derek Piotr

Amanda Bloom.

A clearer space leaves her:

bisque colossus, collapsed
limbless (in all but dying
leaves), sighs——

Lisa Marie Ackerly and Derek Piotr



A clearer space leaves her:

bisque colossus, collapsed
limbless (in all but dying
leaves), sighs——
deprived of the luxury
of age: truncated and oversoon
offered to that clutching smother
of autumnal atrophy;
Amanda Bloom.
all lone wrinkles wry.

Watching the re-witching
twitches a tumbling from the corners
of an overdry mouth (muttering more
than many none-things)
they say:
clever it young.

Aging the stage does not affect the performer——
rather it elevates the question: how have I been

so long?
Howls–once welled together, tethered
now, for claim defamed and

damned by man.

Wishing them well will ill, while
wishing away saves days
from their sinking mire. Tired of
remembering, they accept (and the weight
waiting on) the state to straighten. Yet
shy, as ashes were but not fires fought.

Accept? They comply.





Lisa Marie Ackerly obtained her Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Western Connecticut State University.  She currently writes for Yahoo! Contributor, eHow, and The Mercurial. When she is not working for the Arts and Literary magazine, The Newtowner, she occasionally hosts The Wednesday Night Poetry Series of Connecticut and is vigorously writing her own creative pieces.  She also has an everlasting passion for Psychology.


Derek Piotr is mainly a sound artist, but occasionally has time and feels the need to write. His sound compositions have been streamed on BBC’s program Adventures in Modern Music, and have been published by or are forthcoming on labels Ambolthue, Bit-Phalanx and Feedbackloop. His written work has been featured in various anthologies and publications, and he has read his poetry at assorted galleries and universities. He has been intern to composers Meredith Monk and Antye Greie.




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