Copyright Infringement Explored at Still River Editions’ Exhibition

'Intellectual Property' by Gene Gort
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from the Gallery at Still River Editions


The exhibition “Intellectual Property” at the Gallery at Still River Editions in Danbury, Conn. features archival digital print editions of new work by multi-disciplinary artist Gene Gort. His new series reveals a hidden beauty that emerges from his interaction with the technology meant to keep people from illegally copying movies. Some of the prints have elements that look familiar, while others are pure geometric abstracts.


The exhibition is on display through June 29, and an opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 21 from 4-6pm.


Gort is a visual artist whose artistic practice is concerned with making the ordinary significant. He has shown and screened his work throughout the world, earned fellowships and and in 2010 his videotape “Narcissus O.C.D.”, was purchased in 2010 by the Connecticut State Art Collection. Gort also works as professor of media arts at Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, a program he designed and directs.


Gort says of the project in his artist’s statement, “Intellectual Property focuses on the visual noise generated from attempting to extract video from copyright encrypted commercial DVDs. As an educator who uses video clips as a mainstay of my classroom practice, I am always showing samples from various sources.


“Recently, while attempting to extract sequences from mainstream movies, I was struck by the endless variation of intentional visual noise this process generates in order to keep me and everyone else from illegally copying movies. Through various encoding and decoding software, I found that the variability and randomness of the encryption algorithms produced remarkably unpredictable distortions and abstractions of the images. So much so that it was nearly impossible to get the same results twice.


“The images in this series are screen-grabs from this process; a kind of performance that I do responding to the real-time events I am watching on screen. The titles are an ironic pairing of ‘intellectual property’ and the film title, like ‘Stolen’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’,  ‘Precious’, ‘Babel’ or ‘Gone with the Wind’. The work has nothing to do with plot or characters depicted in the movies nor do they mimic any of the imagery or scenes.”


The entire Intellectual Property series, as well as his other work, can be seen at



The Gallery at Still River Editions is located at 128 East Liberty Street in Danbury, Conn. Regular gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm. For more information or call (203)791-1474.

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