Danbury Police Misconduct

Danbury Police Headquarters.
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A story reported by the News Times and the HatCityBlog is making waves: audio obtained from a March 8 traffic stop shows a Danbury police officer berating an undocumented immigrant.


According to the News Times, Officer Rob Madore initially stopped the car for running a red light, but the driver was intoxicated and came to a halt in the middle of an intersection, requiring Madore to call for backup.  Three other officers arrived at the scene: Chris Belair, Andrew Katkocin, and Ryan Howley.  Howley recorded the following interaction between Belair and the driver, and the News Times obtained the audio yesterday.  All four officers have been on administrative leave since the audio surfaced at the police department, and following an extensive hearing at City Hall, Madore, Katkocin and Howley, have been suspended without pay for 30, 120, and 180 days. Mayor Boughton has said that he will decide Belair’s punishment in the next few days.





For more on this story, visit the News Times.



The HatCityBlog also recently reposted a dated CNN video showing a young man being threatened by Danbury Police with a Taser for not sitting down in his cell.  View it here.

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