‘Danbury Ragtime Suite’ Debuts at the Museum May 25



The Danbury Museum & Historical Society is thrilled to host the debut performance of Barry Pirro’s ‘Danbury Ragtime Suite’ in the Marian Anderson Studio, at 2pm on Saturday, May 25.  The Museum is located at 43 Main Street in Danbury, Connecticut.


Pirro is a Danbury resident, teacher and composer.  The eleven piano rags that make up the suite are all named after and inspired by Danbury history.  The suite was written over a three year period and has a traditional ragtime sound, reminiscent of works by Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Charles Johnson.


“It’s always wonderful to hear music performed in the Marian Anderson Studio,” said Brigid Guertin, Executive Director of the Museum. ” A new composition, that celebrates our city’s history, is sure to be exciting and well-received.”


The piece will be performed by David Baranowski, a highly versatile and gifted accompanist who performs regularly on piano, keyboards, organ, and harpsichord with a repetroire ranging from Bach to Deep Purple.


Mr. Baranowski is currently the Director of Music at St. Joseph Church in Danbury and accompanist for the Westchester Choral Society and the Hudson Chorale.  For the past ten years, he has been touring internationally with rock icon Ritchie Blackmore.



Suggested donation is $5.00.  For more information, visit danburymuseum.org.

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