Dark Matter: the Mirror to Our Dark Side?

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I recently heard a passing stat on NPR that could not be ignored. A recent science show noted that “dark matter” was 96% of the universe. A quick interwebnets check noted that a book, The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality was written in 2011 by Richard Panek – old news.


This stark confirmation of a creeping up in the acknowledged quantity of the twinned “dark”’s – matter and energy – underscored that they are perhaps the most sublimely human fudge since Original Sin. It’s evident to me that a lot of humans want specific knowledge without adequate evidence to support it – often to the point of obsessional preoccupation. Rather than shrug our shoulders when confronted with deep ambiguity and go forth living our lives, humans tend to toss in a bit of “quiet desperation”.


We do not know, really, why we can so easily hate ourselves, do stupid things or just have no central purpose in life. In trying to understand that vacuum, some ancient musers were inspired (by God or guilt) to envision a cosmic break from Perfection involving a rib, an apple and a snake.


The dark side that prompted the proffering of Original Sin as a way to deal with fundamental holes in the meaning of our lives has, to me, similarities to the proffering of dark matter in the face of a huge absence of measureables in the physical universe. Both respond with primal desperation to make sense of our overwhelming ignorance.



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