Despite Some Reservations, Senate Democrats to Pass New Two-Year Budget

The Connecticut State Capitol. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Some of the majority state Senate Democrats in the General Assembly are certainly not wild about parts of the new, two-year spending plan passed by the state House of Representatives just after 5am Sunday morning. However, they are expected to follow suit, approve the budget and send it to Gov. Malloy.


The Senate takes up the measure sometime Monday. The debate is expected to be long and drawn out as nearly every Senator will speak whether they support the plan or oppose it.


Senate Majority Leader Marty Looney says some parts of the budget bill, such as the legalization of keno, don’t sit well with some senators. “Keno is controversial but it’s a necessary source of the revenue structure to avoid any new taxes or more spending cuts,” Looney said. “Plus, it’s a voluntary [payment] that people can choose to pay or not.”


Some Senate Democrats had balked at the much-debated energy auction as well as the Governor’s original proposal to redefine the spending cap. They were placated when the auction idea was dropped and when another maneuver was employed so the spending cap isn’t changed.


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