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"Akhenaten and Nefertiti in Their Garden at Amarna". Oil on canvas.


In my recent work I’ve come to recognize the importance of narrative. Although I’m not interested in making illustrations, I am interested in telling stories through images. After all, stories are how mankind has attempted to explain and come to terms with the most mundane yet incomprehensible events in life, such as birth and death and many of the unforseen events inbetween. All significant moments in the life of an individual are hugely mythical and archetypical. It is this significance that I wish to portray. As an artist I assemble the line, the texture, the color, a subject’s profile implying a particular type of character, and an environment indicative of a distinct emotional or psychological state. I carefully craft a weighted moment raised up from somewhere just above the subconscious and lay it out in the light to be seen. The past and future of these moments is not my concern; I leave those imaginings up to the viewer.


Henry Caserotti’s select works are on dsiplay at The Mercurial Gallery, located at 11 Library Place in Danbury, Connecticut, through February 1 as a part of the ‘Shadows’ exhibition.  For more information, visit



“Slaves”. Oil on canvas.




“Scylla and Charybdis”. Acrylic on wood board.





“Cock a Doodle Doo”. Oil on canvas.




“The New Bohemians”. Oil on canvas.




“Romeo and Juliet”. Oil on canvas.





“Adam and Eve”. Oil on canvas.




“Persimmon”. Oil on canvas.




Henry Caserotti was born in Newport, Rhode Island while his father was in the Navy but grew up in the Midwest. His family lived near Indiana University, and he remembers always feeling as if art was all around him. Even though its universities were full of people pursuing art of all kinds, the Midwest was not going to hold him forever. He was “following the art”, and eventually this lead him to the East Coast and New York City. Caserotti now resides in Norwalk, Connecticut. He has also lived in Chicago, Illinois,  Miami, Florida and New York City, enjoying and participating in the art communities in all of those places.


Caserotti refers to himself as a self-taught artist. He has taken a variety of private art classes and college courses and pursues the knowledge to better create what he envisions as he needs it. “I believe that everyone has creative talent, but artists are born not made,” Caserotti says. “An artist should become an artist like a monk should become a monk. When he first hears the calling he should fight the urge for as long as possible. When there’s no fight left and the calling wins, then there’s no turning back. Then he must completely and utterly commit to it.” He also stresses the importance of dedicating as much time as possible to work, and claims that the more work he does the more inspired he becomes. “I always have so many more ideas than I do time,” he says.


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