Diztrict AllStarz’s Work Week Anthem

Diztrict AllStarz. Photo by M. Fanning.
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Diztrict All Starz, a funky hip hop punk band from Danbury, Conecticut, recently released a music video for “9 to 5”, an infectious and upbeat song about the drudgery of the work week.  The band features Cee Reed, a well-known hip hop artist, and the members of the former post-punk outfit Total Dick. Together they create an “electrifying sound that cannot be pigeonholed, and keeps the fat booties shaking”.  W. Miles Dupree crafted the video for “9 to 5”, a crowd favorite at Diztrict’s shows.


Cee Reed told The Mercurial about the song’s history and how the video was made:


“I wrote the verses years ago, never really did anything with it. The actual song was the first track we started on, three songs later we went back to this one. Everything fit together, we added a hook then it became a full song.


We wanted to do a video. We checked out a few projects from W. Miles Dupree then pitched the idea to him. We wanted to use old footage from the working class during or after the Great Depression with some underground-looking live footage (filmed at our practice spot). After production, it came together just like the song did when we originally came up with it.


I think people can relate to the song. After seeing the video it gives the image to the message we are trying to deliver.”



Diztrict AllStarz, “9 to 5”




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