Fiery First U.S. Senate Debate

Christine Stuart photo. Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon take their podiums as the cameras start rolling.
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The fireworks started early during the first televised debate between Connecticut’s U.S. Senate candidates, Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon.


McMahon accused Murphy, a three-term Congressman, of receiving a sweetheart mortgage deal and wanting the race to be a “coronation.” Murphy accused McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, of avoiding the issues and “parroting right wing talking points” in her economic plan.


“Linda McMahon doesn’t want this campaign to be about issues because if it is she loses . . . She can’t win because her economic plan is rooted in Republican national talking points,” Murphy said. “My economic plan is rooted in the people of this state.”


“Congressman Murphy, shame on you. You have just accused me of plagiarizing my plan,” McMahon countered. “You know very well that my plan is my own.“



 CT-NJTV talks to McMahon and Murphy post debate





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