‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink’ at Claire’s

By Caressa Pittman

A couple of years ago I tasted the best cookie I’ve ever eaten. I quit eating meat and had just started working at a popular New Haven vegetarian restaurant, Claire’s Corner Copia, which is where I experienced the uniquely vegan cookie. Ariel, a coworker of… Read more »


Winter Farmers Markets

Alicia Ghio

  The folks at Stanziato’s Wood Fired Pizza in Danbury posted a fun, off-the-cuff video on Facebook the other day of the flourishing greenhouses at Holbrook Farm in Bethel, Connecticut. Despite the snow and chilly temps outside, their was a warm, lush landscape of herbs… Read more »

Warm Tuna Cakes…

Neha Bawa

…served on an arugula-artichoke salad, with a light lime vinaigrette. You know why this is a good idea? Because it’s summer, and out here in New England, when you’ve had it with the weather and don’t really feel like cooking but still want a sustainable… Read more »

Turkey | Cranberries | Friends

Robert Rae

by Matthew Novakfrom Man Eats with Mustache THERE’S SOMETHING PRETTY AMAZING that happens when people come together to cook food.  As an American with little cultural ties to my Old World heritage, just about the only time that I combine other people and cooking is… Read more »

Trimming the Fat, Keeping the Soul

Allan Richter

  With its roots in slavery, soul food has deep historical meaning for many African-Americans. But the call to honor a rich heritage is at odds with the need to reduce the excess fat and sugar found in the standard “down-home” diet. A new generation of black chefs… Read more »

The Importance of Good Food

Maggie Lyon

by Maggie Lyon I’m out of work, which for all intents and purposes isn’t that great, but it does afford me the time to read through the entirety of newspapers, magazines and the like. Pair this with the virtually unlimited number of documentaries available on… Read more »

The Goodness of Coffee

Eric Schneider

  Maybe it’s the whole what-I-like-must-be-bad-for-me mindset, but the way some people talk about coffee you’d think it was another chemical concoction dreamed up in the lab of a large food corporation. Fact is, researchers are just starting to grind through this brew’s rich collection of beneficial antioxidants—and… Read more »


Word of the Monday, April 15, 2013: “small beer”

Amanda Bloom

  small beer noun 1 chiefly Brit. a thing that is considered unimportant : even with $10,000 to invest, you are still small beer for most stockbrokers. 2 archaic weak beer.   Small beer – another way to say no big deal, small potatoes, mole… Read more »

UK Style Home Brew Competition

Mercurial Staff

  Monroe, Connecticut’s homebrew supply store Maltose Express and Stamford’s Coalhouse Pizza have joined forces in creating a UK style home brew competition.  The deadline for entries is Saturday, February 16 (you’ve got one month, get brewing!) and all styles from the UK will be… Read more »

The Winners of the 2012 World Beer Cup

The Brewers Association

  In early May, brewers from around the world received awards from an elite international panel of judges in the 2012 Brewers Association World Beer Cup in Boulder, Colorado. The ninth biennial competition boasted the strongest field of entrants on record, with 799 breweries from… Read more »

The Craft Beer Blow-up

Amanda Bloom

  This past December, The Brewer’s Association issued a statement defining what it means to be an American craft brewery along with a call for transparency in beer brand ownership.  The statement has set off significant backlash in the beer world as traditional and multinational… Read more »


Two Connecticut Burgers Make America’s Top 40

Connecticut by the numbers

  Two Connecticut-made burgers have been selected as among the 40 top burgers in America, according to the the Daily Meal.   Coming in at #17 is the Original Burger at Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, and at #32 the Steamed Cheeseburger from Ted’s in Meriden.  Both are… Read more »

The Caribbean in Connecticut

Robert Rae

by Nick Donigerfrom Sizzle Grove THE STORY OF A MAN AND THE SANDWICH HE COULDN’T RESIST. by Nick Donigerfrom Sizzle Grove     SIZZLE GROVE recently visited East Hartford, Connecticut to check out what was brewing over at Olde Burnside Brewing Company.  It was 12:30pm… Read more »

Tasting South Africa

Neha Bawa

If you’re in the mood for chicken curry to clear (and cure!) the sinuses or a beef stew that begs to fall apart under the touch of a spoon, then you have to head over to A Taste of South Africa. A Taste of South Africa… Read more »

Superb Tacos al Pastor at Pancho’s Tacos

Matthew Beres

  I HAIL FROM COLORADO, where I spent the past eight years confronted with either a Qdoba or Chipotle on every other block. These are the Starbucks of Mexican food restaurants. The food is good enough – $6 for an enormous burrito that will reliably… Read more »

Sixpoint Brewery Can-to-Table Dinner at Wilton’s Bistro 7


  Sixpoint Brewery is pretty new to the Connecticut market, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming all the buzz.  We had our first taste of Sixpoint last year when we tried out around 50 different custom brews (some made with lobster, some made with oyster, even some made… Read more »