Public Input Sought on Connecticut Utilities’ Sandy Response


  The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) announced Friday that it has opened a formal docket to review the performance of Connecticut’s electric distribution companies and other public service companies in preparing for and responding to Storm Sandy.  Otherwise known as Governor Malloy’s Storm Legislation,… Read more »

Panel: Social Media’s Role In Breaking News Is A Mixed Bag

Megan Merrigan

  Reporters, professors, and Lt. Paul Vance gathered at the University of Connecticut two weeks ago to discuss the role of accuracy, respect, and social media in the coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.   The timing of the panel couldn’t have been… Read more »

Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot

Ehris Urban

  Jacqui Coveney, a registered nurse, has worked in Hartford Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the past eleven years. She, like many other nurses around the country, was recently terminated from her job for refusing to get a flu shot.   The original flu… Read more »

Introducing the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange

Amanda Bloom

Brought to you by Brennan Purdy, State Farm Agent     Last Tuesday, the Bethel Chamber of Commerce held a presentation on something business owners and employees alike are wondering about – the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The presentation, given by Jason Madrak, Chief Marketing… Read more »

Insurance Department Finalizes Exchange Rates

Christine Stuart

  The question of cost has been on everyone’s mind since Connecticut first decided to set up its own health insurance exchange under Obamacare. On Monday, Connecticut residents got their first look at the unadjusted rates — meaning, the rates without the inclusion of offsetting… Read more »

In Lawsuit, Psychiatrists Claim Anthem Discriminates Against Mental Illness

Christine Stuart

  The American Psychiatric Association, the Connecticut Psychiatric Society, the Connecticut Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and two individuals filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging that Anthem Health Plans discriminates against patients with mental illness.   The complaint, filed in federal court, says Anthem and its… Read more »

Fracking the ‘Promised Land’

Ehris Urban

  Last Saturday night, I was sitting in Bethel Cinema, waiting for Promised Land to start. I overheard the conversation of the couple in front of me and was surprised that neither of them seemed to know the topic of the movie: fracking. The woman… Read more »