Yoga, Snowflakes, A Night Out: How You Can Help Sandy Hook

By Amanda Bloom

  The great support shown to the Newtown community within the last few days has been nothing short of remarkable.  Numerous funds have been set up, music and art shows are being organized, t-shirts have been designed, and boatloads of stuffed animals have been donated…. Read more »

St. Rose of Lima Church vigil in Newtown. Photo by Jim Dietter.

Why Wall Street Bankers Won’t Go to Jail

Amanda Bloom

by Amanda Bloom As we near the one month mark in the now international anti-corporate greed movement known as “Occupy Wall Street”, many protestors are calling for the arrest of the “bad bankers” behind the economic fallout. Protestors who march on roadways without permission will… Read more »

When Was the Last Time You Were This Happy?

Amanda Bloom

  Just hearing the audio from this video by expeditioner Aleksander Gamme made me smile and laugh out loud.  Gamme and the story behind this video was featured on an episode of RadioLab back last winter; the episode is titled “Bliss.”   The video is… Read more »

What a Wunderful Class

Amanda Bloom

by Amanda Bloom “In the mid-16th century, Wunderkammern, so-called cabinets of curiosity, began to appear in Europe. The objects contained in these sometimes beautiful collections included works of art, fossils, unusual biological specimens and reputedly mythological objects, such as horns of unicorns (later revealed to… Read more »

WestConn Creates Music Scholarship in Memory of Sandy Hook Victim


  Western Connecticut State University has created a music scholarship to honor the memory of 6-year-old Ana Grace Márquez-Greene, one of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.   The Ana Grace Márquez-Greene Music Scholarship Fund was established to pay tribute to Márquez-Greene’s… Read more »

Voters Approve Same-Sex Marriage for the First Time


  In a historic turnaround, the ballot box is showing America’s shifting attitudes about same-sex marriage. After gay marriage rights died at the polls dozens of times in the past, on Tuesday they passed in at least two states. Rarely do popular votes reflect such dramatic… Read more »

Vets At Risk Of Suicide Not Getting Adequate Post-Discharge Care

Lisa Chedekel

  Nearly a third of veterans deemed at high risk for suicide don’t receive the recommended follow-up care after they’ve been discharged from Veterans Health Administration inpatient mental health facilities, according to a new report from the VA inspector general.   The report — which… Read more »

Trimming the Fat, Keeping the Soul

The Mercurial Gallery

  With its roots in slavery, soul food has deep historical meaning for many African-Americans. But the call to honor a rich heritage is at odds with the need to reduce the excess fat and sugar found in the standard “down-home” diet. A new generation of black chefs… Read more »

The World of Non-Dating: A Review of ‘The Gaggle’

The Mercurial Gallery

  The Gaggle: How the Men You Know Will Help You Find the Love You Want, a self-help book on dating, relationships, and love by Jessica Massa, casts off traditional dating myths and lore by offering a guide on how to view and inhabit what… Read more »

The Dangers of Sitting Down

Amanda Bloom

by Amanda Bloom You may have already heard the news – sitting down is terrible for your health, even if you exercise regularly.  Ths is what happens to your body while sitting, according to the New York Times article “Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?” by… Read more »