YMCA staff and two WestConn World Languages Club volunteers with a series of cards designed at the Bethel YMCA Children's Center for Nicaraguan children.

Welcome to the Transition Movement

Robert Rae

by Aurelio Muraca Yes folks, it’s a time of vast change for many people in many ways. Let’s face it, the system that industrial world was built on is kaput. The change is going to hurt, it’s not going to be fun, and it’s happening… Read more »

Undocumented Voices: What About my Mother?


  My story is not too different from the rest of the DREAMers out there. Like many, I migrated when I was a toddler – five years old to be precise. I was born in Mexico City, but my family is from Morelos, Oaxaca. My mother… Read more »

Undocumented Voices: Guadalupe


  Ever since I can remember, school has always been my main priority. When I was younger I remember seeing my parents worn out from work and telling me “si no quieres trabajar como nosotros toda tu vida, Estudia!” I always had and still have… Read more »

U.S. Takes in Big Money in ‘Reverse Remittances’

Robert Rae

from Tribuna CT TLa Raza News Report Rubén Moreno, Translated by Elena Shore THE UNITED STATES receives about $5.6 billion a year in remittances from other countries. Eighty-two percent of the money is being sent to U.S. residents who were born abroad. That’s according to… Read more »

To Every Mother

Robert Rae

by Katie Kilroy A mother holds a special place in the heart. She is someone you cherish and admire, call for any silly reason and trust without fail. Culture to culture, place to place, a mother’s dedication and zeal remains the same. When I embarked… Read more »

Tibet’s Kalon Tripa Speaks at WestConn

Robert Rae

by Peter Parisi from The Echo WHEN THE DALAI LAMA announced he was relinquishing all political control of Tibet in the spring of 2011, just weeks before the final election for the Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister) was to occur, one of the three remaining candidates… Read more »

The Week in Brief: Fracking, Poetry and Bad Credit

Robert Rae

by Joshua L. Durkin The environment gets gassed, the national debt clocks in at $14.3 trillion and no one is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting. by Joshua L. Durkin     CO2Now is reporting that the atmospheric carbon dioxide reading has hit… Read more »

The Most Famous Road in Thailand

Robert Rae

by Kate Mrotek In the heart of Bangkok, not a ten minute walk from the Grand Palace and the national museum, lies the most infamous street in Thailand–Khaosan Road. The straight and narrow Khaosan Road, no more than a mile long, is covered by a… Read more »

The International Day of Obscurities

Robert Rae

by Joshua L. Durkin Next month on Obscura Day, people far and wide will get their weird on and join with others who are interested in wonders, strange things, oddities and esoterica. by Joshua L. Durkin     Next month on Obscura Day, people far… Read more »

The Controversy of Women’s History

Robert Rae

from For Beginners As we enter the third week of Women’s History month, we’re taking a look at the decline of women representatives in Congress. For the first time in thirty years the number of women representing American citizens fell in the 112th Congress. After… Read more »

Thais May Not Have Rhythm, But They Sure Can Dance

Robert Rae

by Kate Mrotek Comparing the Brick Bar Club in Bangkok, Thailand to your average nightclub in the States would be like comparing a tear-down-the-walls house party to a country club social. Beyond the thick wooden doors leading into the Brick Bar is a seismic wave… Read more »

Tens of Thousands Descend on Washington for Immigration Reform

Robert Rae

By Mariza DávilaOriginally published in Tribuna CT On the afternoon of Sunday, March 21, tens of thousands of people descended upon the National Mall in Washington, D.C., stretching for nearly five blocks, calling for comprehensive immigration reform – this year. The growing coalition – with… Read more »

Soap, The Savior

Amanda Bloom

by Amanda Bloom IN AN EFFORT TO SAVE LIVES and deter the cholera outbreak in Haiti, Western Connecticut State University’s Biology Club is conducting a soap drive through Friday, December 17.  The club’s Vice President, Amanda Castonguay, came up with the idea after learning from… Read more »

Should Immigrants Take Action with Deferred Action?

Matthew Beres

  On June 15, a Department of Homeland Security memorandum by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced President Obama’s immigration policy directive, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which goes into effect today.   Undocumented immigrant advocacy groups, immigration lawyers, and illegal/undocumented immigrants have been… Read more »

Pillow Fight!!

Robert Rae

by Leah Glazer I followed a trail of floating feathers from the 14th Street subway stop to Union Square this past Saturday.  The sun beamed down on a roaring mass of people flailing about the park’s lampposts and statues. Feathers and stuffing clung to people’s… Read more »

On Immigration, McMahon Hasn’t Answered All Questions

Camila Bortolleto

  Linda McMahon, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate for Connecticut, has been relatively scant on details regarding her political stances, especially when it comes to immigration. After being silent on the issue for most of campaign season aside from a brief mention in an April… Read more »

Newtown Group Sends Care to Overseas Troops

Amanda Bloom

by Amanda Bloom AN OUTREACH to overseas American troops that started in a local second grade classroom has expanded to several school districts, organizations and corporations. Valentines for Troops, a group based in Newtown, Connecticut, sent over 3300 letters to 2200 overseas troops last year… Read more »

New Arizona Law Reignites Immigration Reform Debate

Robert Rae

by Emanuela P. LimaOriginally published in Tribuna CT The push for immigration reform may seem to be on the front burner now that health care reform is out of the way. But candidates in the upcoming 2010 midterm-elections are already banking on the controversial issue… Read more »

Mexican Bicentennial Falls Short on Fervor

Robert Rae

by Randal C. Archiboldfrom The New York Times MEXICO CITY — There are the bicentennial buses. Bicentennial roads. A bicentennial marathon. A bicentennial song. The bicentennial digital library. A bicentennial video game… What appears to be missing is bicentennial enthusiasm. By accident of timing, as… Read more »

KONY 2012: Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Robert Rae

by Leigh Scudder from The Echo You have probably seen your friends posting links to something called “Kony 2012” on whichever social networking site you use. If you haven’t watched the heart wrenching video, I recommend you do. The short film Kony 2012 is by… Read more »