Kevin Eats It, Ep. 12: Chicken Finger Trial

Kevin Eats It


This is Kevin.


He is terrorizing the local food challenge circuit, and often following up his massive meals with an ice cream dessert.


Here is episode 12 of ‘Kevin Eats It,’ where Kevin takes on a bunch of barbecue.  Though we don’t know how much, because the audio for this episode was lost!  Hence an experimental, narrated episode of Kevin eating a bunch o’ food.


You’ve seen ‘Man vs. Food.’  Well, that’s Gerber’s stewed carrots compared to this.



Kevin is back at it after 6 months of not eating a lot of stuff!


This is a trial to simulate Griff’s Chicken Shack’s “Chicken Finger Challenge.”


Kevin must eat 30+ chicken fingers in under an hour. All was going to plan until tragic clowns showed up.







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