Lights Will Be Illuminating Heirloom Arts Theater

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by Alissa Silber
from The Echo


When you hear the word ‘lights’, certain everyday visuals might come to mind; light switches, light posts, or even lighthouses. That is about to change.


Coming to the Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, Connecticut on Wednesday, April 18 is Lights, an innovative electro-rock musical experience from Canada, fronted by Valerie Anne Poxleitner. Lights has gained high recognition in her homeland by means of winning a Canadian Juno Award for Best New Artist (which is equivalent to America’s Grammys). The show is presented by Manic Productions and will consist of musical performances by the Ambassadors and the headliner, Lights. Tickets are $15 and the doors open at 7pm.


Greater Danbury residents should take notice of The Heirloom Arts Theater because the venue is a place for both local and national acts. Lights has even performed at the Heirloom before.


Patrons will find that the Heirloom is a venue run by musicians, for musicians. Its intimate vibe will often put you face to face with the performers.


That means, on April 18, attendees at the Heirloom Arts Theater show can have the opportunity to be face to face with both the Ambassadors and even Lights.


Lights’ Myspace defines her genre as “Indie/New Wave/Pop”. Lights herself describes her as music “a nervous sheep straddling a rocket to bring a daisy to a wolf in stilettos waiting lonely on the moon.”


If you want to hear firsthand what Lights’ music sounds like, make sure to pick up her new album, Siberia. Also, make sure to come down to The Heirloom Arts Theater to show support to a great local venue, as well as, to see Lights light up the stage.



To prebuy tickets for the show visit Manic Productions’ website here. For more information about the Heirloom, visit


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