‘Liquid Bliss’: Surfing Magazine Photo Hopeful Dave Clancy

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Newtown, Connecticut native and Redondo Beach, California resident Dave Clancy is in the running for Surfing Magazine‘s Baby Cobras Photo Contest, a competition for aspiring creative surfers.  The winners of the contest are shipped to Hawaii for a week to document the North Shore surfing season, with the end result published in print and online. Clancy is a professional photographer and newfound surfer, and has assembled the “Liquid Bliss” gallery for the contest.  He needs your votes in order to become a finalist.


Check out “Liquid Bliss” below, and vote for him in the contest by visiting the #TEAMCLANCY event on Facebook here.







At Lowers, priority is given to pros like Gabe Medina, as seen here, weeks before the 2012 Hurley Pro.


But the locals still find a way to shine.


Huntington Beach gives the ability for all surfing types to express themselves.
Dane Reynolds launches a backside 360 air,


Lakey Peterson displays the new generation of women’s power surfing,



and Joel Tudor exudes timeless style.


First light at County Line looks calming and soothing,


but it can be quite energetic and physical.


Rincon offers a fun face for reflection and play,


and is a muse to compose images in my mind and through my lens.


Vote for Clancy in the Surfing Magazine Baby Cobras Photo Contest by visiting the #TEAMCLANCY event on Facebook here.


From Dave:


“My love for photography started way back at Newtown High School.  I don’t know how I got so hooked on the subject because my teacher was actually an auto shop teacher who only taught photography to fulfill his teaching credits each year.  He basically taught us out of a Kodak photography book and only offered one class, Beginners Photography.  I eventually convinced him to let me take an after school advanced class where I learned some different techniques that have since become rare and practically obsolete.  But it was those techniques that drove me to bring my photography to the next level.


I attended the University of Connecticut where an excellent staff challenged me on a daily basis to express myself with a camera in hand.  I also became comfortable with acting on critique of my own work, and then learning to critique my colleagues.  It became a productive circle – my peers, my teachers, and I that has since driven me to chase the dream of photographing life.


I moved to California in 2006 and have been shooting ever since.  I have been working in the entertainment industry photographing stills on TV sets and for feature films.  I also work with food, photographing Food Beauties for the Food Network on multiple shows such as “BBQ Addiction with Bobby Flay”, “Guy’s Big Bite”, “Drop 5 Lbs.”, “Kelsey’s Essentials”, etc.  I have been published in cooking books, magazines, and DIY books.  However, all of this is on a freelance basis.


As much fun as it has been, I want more.  I want the full-time job.  Since moving to California, I have fallen in love with surfing.  I surf multiple times a week because it has become something that helps to ground me in a way similar to how photography does.  Surfing is a passion for me and photographing it would be my dream job.  I want to travel the world and experience new things.  All with my camera pressed against my face allowing me to capture a million moments to share with others and to imprint on my own mind forever.”


View more of Clancy’s work at his website, clancyphoto.com.

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