Women Warm to McMahon

By Christine Stuart

  Women may have doomed her first campaign for U.S. Senate, but Linda McMahon has flipped the script and eliminated the gender gap according to recent polls and the women gathered at a campaign rally in Norwalk Saturday.   In her second run for the U.S. Senate… Read more »

Photo by Christine Stuart.

Women Defend Murphy

Tikeyah Whittle

  Four women featured in U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy’s new campaign ad told the media Monday that Murphy was a better candidate for U.S. Senate than Republican Linda McMahon because he is more reliable when it comes to the issues they care about.   “[Murphy]… Read more »

Where Do They Stand for 2014?

Patrick Scully

  What are the governor’s chances? What about Tom Foley? John McKinney? Larry Cafero? Mark Boughton? Linda McMahon? Mike Fedele? Now that it’s all over but the national scandals for 2012, people are handicapping the 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial race. Never wanting to be left out,… Read more »

WestConn Students, Faculty to Present Live Election Night TV Coverage


  Television viewers across western Connecticut will receive real-time coverage of local and statewide results in the November 6 elections provided by a crew of more than 40  Western Connecticut State University (WestConn) students and faculty members who will present a four-hour live election-night broadcast… Read more »

Walker: Our Real National Debt Is $70 Trillion

Christine Stuart

  Government is currently not representative of, or responsive to, the public and we are dominated by special interests, big money, and career politicians, former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker told the East Hartford Chamber of Commerce at Goodwin College on Thursday.   The Connecticut… Read more »

U.S. Senate Says No GMO Labeling

Hugh McQuaid

  As state lawmakers have debated the merits of requiring labels on foods with genetically engineered ingredients last week, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal has been involved with a similar debate on the federal level.   Early Friday morning, the state House of Representatives passed an amended bill which… Read more »

Two Sides in Waterbury Hospital Bill Veto Entrench Deeper

Patrick Scully

  Depending on who you believe, the process that led to Gov. Malloy vetoing a bill affecting Waterbury Hospital was either a complete betrayal and breaking of an agreement that will have dire consequences for future negotiations or a case of a bill with many… Read more »

The Stage is Set: McMahon vs. Murphy, Roraback vs. Etsy

Patrick Scully

  In the end, the dark cloud of federal investigations spelled doom for two candidates seeking their party’s nomination for hotly contested offices. In Connecticut’s 5th congressional district, state Speaker of the House Chris Donovan’s campaign crashed and burned after months of news coverage about alleged wrongdoing… Read more »

The Silver Screen in the Oval Office

Sherri Hill

  United States presidents have danced with Hollywood’s image-makers since the 1920s, a phenomenon Dr. Burton W. Peretti, professor of history at Western Connecticut State University, explores in a new book, The Leading Man.   Peretti shows that George Washington set the stage for presidents… Read more »

The Silly Season is in Full Swing

Patrick Scully

  Well, that didn’t take long. We have a convicted state senator who has secured the endorsement of Bridgeport Democrats to reclaim his old seat. The Republican-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate is slapping around a Democratic candidate who is extremely unlikely to even face her…. Read more »

The Occupants of Wall Street

Joshua L. Durkin

by Joshua L. Durkin   Pungent curry stink hovered overhead in Zuccotti Park. I turned to see three men and a woman in their early twenties, I guessed, carry paper plates holding clumps of food. They looked weary, especially a grungy man of indeterminate age… Read more »

The Award for Best Paranoia?

Joshua L. Durkin

  It happened quickly, and near the end of the night. It even involved Jack Nicholson, who for reasons I’ll wit upon in a moment may have been acting on more than one stage while beaming in First Lady Michelle Obama to reveal and award… Read more »

The American Crawl, or, Happy Pre-Election Day

Joshua L. Durkin

  This November morning, a three-day-old headline was still circulating above the fold on the website of the French paper, Le Monde.   The French, or the French news industry at least, are rather interested in our political nature despite what certain puss-filled warts and… Read more »

Freshwater Package Store. Photo by Christine Stuart.

Sunday Sales Has Broad Political Appeal Near Border

Christine Stuart

  Dominic Alaimo, Enfield’s Republican “Man of the Year,” said the governor’s party affiliation never mattered to him as long as he or she was willing to sign a bill allowing Sunday liquor sales. That, he said, would make him happy. The sign outside his… Read more »

Should Immigrants Take Action with Deferred Action?

Matthew Beres

  On June 15, a Department of Homeland Security memorandum by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced President Obama’s immigration policy directive, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which goes into effect today.   Undocumented immigrant advocacy groups, immigration lawyers, and illegal/undocumented immigrants have been… Read more »

Senate Approves Bill Requiring GMO Labeling 35-1

Jacqueline Wattles

  Connecticut business owners, legislators, farmers, and residents rallied outside the capitol Tuesday morning to press state legislators to move on a bill that would require labels on genetically modified foods.   Their calls were answered Tuesday night when the state Senate took up a bipartisan… Read more »

Positions Vary After Newtown FOI Panel’s First Meeting

Hugh McQuaid

  A legislative panel considering privacy and government transparency issues raised by the Newtown shooting began working Thursday with advocates on both sides of the controversial issue favoring very different outcomes.   The task force was formed as part of a new law which prevents… Read more »

Politics Unraveling Post-Newtown Bipartisan Efforts

Patrick Scully

  Much was made of the bipartisan spirit with which Connecticut legislative leaders announced the formation of the special task force charged with coming up with legislation to deal with post-Newtown issues. It seems that spirit has given way to politics as usual, as several lawmakers tell… Read more »

On Immigration, McMahon Hasn’t Answered All Questions

Camila Bortolleto

  Linda McMahon, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate for Connecticut, has been relatively scant on details regarding her political stances, especially when it comes to immigration. After being silent on the issue for most of campaign season aside from a brief mention in an April… Read more »

Obama, Romney Not The Only Candidates On CT Ballot

Tikeyah Whittle

  With the election season nearing and most of the presidential talk centered on Democratic and Republican nominees, third-party presidential candidates are often left out of the conversation. However, two such nominees have landed spots on Connecticut’s ballot and are in the running to enact… Read more »