#8: Andrea Gartner

By Amanda Bloom

Andrea Gartner is the best thing to happen to Danbury since the Gas Ball. Andrea Gartner is the best thing to happen to Danbury since the Gas Ball. As manager of CityCenter Danbury, Gartner is truly committed to a downtown revitalization and unafraid of challenging… Read more »

#83: Little Pub

Amanda Bloom

  Little Pub (an advertiser on The Mercurial) is just as it sounds – it is both little and a pub.   If you’ve never been, you’ve probably heard about it.  The Pub is known for standout food, featuring items such as mini osso bucco,… Read more »

#82: The Octagon House

Mercurial Staff

from Wikipedia   The Octagon House, in Danbury, Connecticut, United States, is located on Spring Street. It is considered the best octagon house of the 12 that survive in Connecticut. In 1973 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places to avert its demolition in urban renewal.   It is… Read more »

#81: La Zingara’s Brunch

Amanda Bloom

  La Zingara in Bethel, Connecticut is a highly regarded Italian restaurant serving up traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist.  The restaurant ranks high with Zagat, and owners Thomas Giudice and Lisa Tassone were invited as guest chefs to the James Beard House in New York City last… Read more »

#80: The Doors Played at Danbury High School

Amanda Bloom

    The Doors performed at Danbury High School before their big break on Wednesday, October 11, 1967. From YouTube user Rutazurra:   “This show is primarily attended by nearby college students from Western Connecticut State College and locals of Danbury. Prior to the show,… Read more »

#7: The Back of Cousin Larry’s

There’s a certain place hidden just off Main Street in Danbury that is truly one of its greatest secrets; the junk-filled dirt landing outside of Cousin Larry’s pub. There’s a certain place hidden just off Main Street in Danbury that is truly one of its… Read more »

#79: CT Beer Week

Mercurial Staff

  The Connecticut beer industry is proud to launch the state’s “Brew & Buy Local” campaign, a joint effort among brewers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants to support local industries. The campaign will officially launch during CT Beer Week,  May 11 through 18. This weeklong, statewide event was… Read more »

#78: CT Farm Fresh Express

Ehris Urban

  CT Farm Fresh Express is an organization that delivers fresh and primarily organic products directly from local farms or producers to your home or restaurant, year-round.  They carry everything from fruit and vegetables to fair trade coffee, chocolate chip cookies, raw milk in glass… Read more »

#76: Take One Cheerleading Academy

Alles Jayne

  Take One Cheerleading Acadamy, located  at 36 Kenosia Avenue in Danbury, Connecticut, is owned and operated by coach Amy Pendergast and her daughter Becky. The gym offers a variety of services, from competitive cheer teams for ages three to 18, tumbling classes for all… Read more »

#75: Local Female Tech & Science Leaders

Mercurial Staff

  Nine women from across Connecticut were honored for their innovation and leadership during the ninth annual Women of Innovation awards dinner this month at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington.   The Connecticut Technology Council held the awards program to recognize women in the… Read more »

#74: Pepe’s Pizza

Simply Local CT

  We took a little trip to New Haven yesterday, and while we were there, we decided to take a walk down Wooster Street, which is at the heart of New Haven’s Italian-American community. Having only a little bit of time, we figured we could… Read more »

#73: The Edmond Town Hall Theater

Ehris Urban

  I’ve been seeing movies at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, Connecticut for as long as I can remember.  It’s the place where my brother, at six weeks old, saw his first movie, Bear, in 1990.  For my sixth grade birthday party, a bunch… Read more »

#72: The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center

Ann Nyberg

  Oh how far the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center has come in the two years she’s been in existence. Known as “The Kate” and located on Main Street in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, there have already been more than 400 shows at the venue under the leadership… Read more »

#71: The Danbury Music Centre

Amanda Bloom

  The Danbury Music Centre, located in a beautiful brick building at 256 Main Street in downtown Danbury, Connecticut, is a non-profit organization that has been celebrating local music of all genres since 1935.  The Centre was founded by composer and teacher Donald Tweedy and… Read more »

#70: The Apple Barrel at Lyman Orchards

Simply Local CT

  When we walked into the Apple Barrel, which is the name Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, Connecticut has given its storefront, we were immediately struck by the sheer amount of items offered and how many customers were filling the place, even on a Thursday afternoon…. Read more »

#6: The Danbury Mall Carousel

In all seriousness, there are few things as iconic as the merry-go-round at the Danbury Fair Mall. Everyone has taken a ride on that classic at least once in his or her life, and usually several—per visit. In all seriousness, there are few things as… Read more »

#69: Kumba’s Beauty Salon

Alles Jayne

  Kumba’s Beauty Salon, owned by Coumba Ndong, is a unique place at the south end of Danbury’s Main Street specializing in ethnic hairdos and hair care. Kumba’s offers variety of services, including hair braiding, weaving, relaxing, and barbering. Kumba’s also sells ethnic hair care… Read more »

#68: The CityCenter Farmers’ Market

CityCenter Danbury

  The harvest is in. Rich eggplant for that lasagna you’ve planned. Pumpkins for the porch and the stew. Berries for jam and jellies. And CityCenter Danbury’s Farmers’ Market will continue from 10am to 4pm every Friday through October 26 at Kennedy Park (the Kennedy… Read more »

#67: Cave Comics

Alles Jayne

  Whether you’re a comic book geek, collector, gamer, or all three, Cave Comics of Newtown, Connecticut is the place for you. Located off I-84’s Exit 10 in the old train station, at Cave Comics you’ll be greeted by a cast of friendly, comic experts… Read more »

#66: Back Roads & The Ridgefield Peep Hole

Jing Lu

  Why drive straight in traffic when you can meander around the copious back roads of Connecticut? Taking the scenic route pays off when you come across secret gardens, like this inspirational one, viewable through a back country fence hole. It is located at the… Read more »

#65: The Metro-North Bar Car

William Fusco

That 4″ by 12″ paper “BAR CAR” sign is a welcome sight to many commuters on Metro-North’s New Haven line.  So much so that some riders adjust their New York City departure times based on which trains will sport it.  The 5:26pm and the 5:48 are some of… Read more »

#64: Route 53

Amanda Bloom

  Route 53 stretches from Norwalk to Danbury, bringing Danburians to the beach mecca of  Sherwood Isle and Norwalkers to the historic, cultural hodgepodge of downtown Danbury.  It’s a scenic route that also traverses Bethel, Redding, Wilton, and Weston, and a stretch of it skirts… Read more »

#63: The Beardsley Zoo

Connecticut Bloggers

  The Connecticut Beardsley Zoo is a tiny zoo with a lot to do and it is the only zoo in Connecticut. The zoo is also open all year long so you can visit animals in warm or cold months and see how they live… Read more »

#62: Castle Hill and the “Bench Box”

Amanda Bloom

  “Castle Hill,” a little lookout off of Castle Hill Road in Newtown, offers expansive eastern horizon views, late year sunrises, the comings and goings of Oxford Airport, Newtown’s Main Street flagpole and, on the fourth of July, fireworks as far as the eye can… Read more »

#61: Greater Danbury Open House Day

Amanda Bloom

  There are a lot of great things about Greater Danbury (at least 61!), and a bunch of local folks are inviting the public to check out just some of those great things on June 9 for the first Greater Danbury Open House Day.  Artists,… Read more »