Malloy’s Budget: Visionary or Disingenuous?

Hugh McQuaid photo.


Depending upon which lawmaker you speak to, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s two-year budget is either visionary or disingenuous.


The two-year $43.8 billion budget increases spending 9.7 percent and makes radical changes to municipal funding. The budget stays within the state’s spending cap, but only if lawmakers approve changes to the cap Malloy has proposed, exempting certain types of spending.


In his speech to a joint session of the General Assembly, Malloy recounted the fiscal problems he encountered when he took office two years ago.


“Problems that included a worst-in-the-nation per capita deficit; a budget that relied too heavily on gimmicks and one-time revenues; financial commitments that, if we had failed to act, would fall on the shoulders of our children,” Malloy said. “All problems for which we knew there were no simple answers. It no longer matters who caused those problems. What matters is that – together – we started to fix them.”


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