Mega Hardcore Show Fights Cancer

"Fight Like a Girl" is a hardcore concert benefitting Danbury resident Trista Vaughan in her fight against cancer. T-shirt design by Craig Holloway.


Danbury, Connecticut resident Trista Vaughan, a 31-year-old mother of three, must be feeling the love.  Vaughan, a student at Paul Mitchell the School in Danbury, was recently diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and has been fighting hard ever since.


Vaughan’s boyfriend, Lou Di Bella, is the singer of Subzero, a popular hardcore punkmetal band formed back in 1989.  Di Bella survived acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the late 90s and is a driving force behind his girlfriend’s recovery.  He’s pooled together his music contacts to create “Fight Like a Girl,” a rager of a concert for Vaughan featuring the Misfits, Sheer Terror, Empty Vessels, Di Bella’s own band, and more.  The concert  kicks off on Saturday, April 27 at 4pm at Tuxedo Junction, located at 2 Ives Street in Danbury, Connecticut.  Those looking to support can also purchase a “Fight Like a Girl” t-shirt at the benefit or at


“This show is to help raise money for any hospital, doctor, medicine bills, gas for the car, food for her and her kids and whatever else is gonna cause her any stress while dealing with this terrible nightmare,” writes Di Bella on Facebook.


“Doctors gave her six months to a year to live, but knowing Trista, there is no way she will accept that,” writes Vaughan’s friend, Annamarie Tendler, on her blog. “Over the past couple months not only has Trista fought like a real-life version of Wonder Woman, she has done so with more grace and positivity than one would ever expect from someone going through what she is.  If you knew Trista you would be marveled by her bravery, by her inability to be defeated, and by how grateful she is each day for her children, her boyfriend, and her family.”


Hear more about Vaughan and the “Fight Like a Girl” benefit from Di Bella himself in the video below.





To pre-buy tickets for “Fight Like a Girl,” visit  For more information and ways to support, visit the event page on Facebook here and visit



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