Mexicali Rose: Newtown’s Teeny Authentic Mexican Eatery

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It Actually was a dark and stormy night. The forces were against me, for I was feeling lazy and I knew it is someone’s job to cook up something warm and tasty just for these sorts of occasions. Thus I have called Mexicali Rose. Just saying their name makes me salivate.

After setting up shop along Route 25 in Newtown a few years back, Mexicali Rose took no time in rooting itself into the minds of its patrons. It has been described several times as being a “hole in the wall”, and due to its location at the end of a strip in Ricci’s Plaza, the restaurant it’s easily overlooked. But there are plenty of people keen on the deal here. Great prices, great food, and if you eat in, chips and salsa on the house, made in the house. The real-deal corn tortilla chips often come out warm, flaky, and perfectly crisp with a dusting of salt. A splendid match for its counterpart salsa fresco.

Being a creature of habit, I often get the same thing time and time again–A–because I’m obsessed with cheese enchiladas, rice and beans, and–B–because it’s awesome every time. Occasionally I’ll creep out of my “rut” and order chicken or beef tacos, preferably on a sunny summer afternoon
to be paired with some beer (Mexicali doesn’t have a liquor license but you can BYOB at the package shop a couple doors down).

Mexicali’s burritos are massive and never disappoint. The chili rellenos are packed with fresh vegetables and brimming with cheese. Tex-Mex standards apply with nachos and taquitos among the more authentic options.

Looking for a full-belly deal? Their soups are fantastic, paired with those famous chips, and

always under three bucks. I recommend the black bean soup any day and the cilantro carrot when offered as a special.

Mexicali’s standard menu is full of classics, but their specials list is where it’s at. The specials change most frequently in the summer with upcoming produce and dealer specials, novelties that slow somewhat in the fall and winter.

So check out this bright and colorful Rose in Ricci’s plaza, guaranteed to delight in any season. And if you like it spicy, tell them to kick it up a notch; they aim to keep the heat factor palatable, but chances are, their own dinner pot is brimming with peppers of all sorts…

Mexicali Rose is located at 71 South Main Street in Newtown, Connecticut. Their phone number is (203)270-7003. They are closed on Mondays.



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