New England Brewing Company: Serious Canned Beer

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With some extra time to kill before an interview in New Haven recently, I made a pit stop at my favorite Southern Connecticut package store: Amity Wine & Spirits in Hamden, near Quinnipiac.


While Amity has a really great wine selection (the only place I’ve seen Raventos i Blanc de Nit Rose after I tried and loved it at a Barcelona cava dinner), my shopping focus there has shifted to local craft beer. Specifically, canned brew from New England Brewing Company, just a few miles down the road in Woodbridge. I was lucky enough to snag two four-packs this week for weekend enjoyment.


NEBCo is known for its cheeky, creative nomenclature and colorful, eye-popping label design, as you see above. But the beers are no joke. The Gandhi Bot Double IPA is a hop monster, with 8.8% ABV, and the 668 Neighbor of the Beast, a golden Belgian ale, is even higher at a full 9.0%. The Sea Hag IPA is probably its widest release; I’ve seen it in western and central Massachusetts. It tends to be the only one we can find easily in our area – a drawback to living an hour-plus north of the brewery.


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