Newtown Youth & Family Services Expanding



If you live in the Greater Newtown, Connecticut area, you may have found yourself wondering what Newtown Youth & Family Services, Inc. (NYFS) is. You may have found yourself asking, “What is NYFS doing for me and for my community?


Answering these questions is easier than you think. NYFS is a licensed, non-profit, mental health clinic and youth services bureau that has been dedicated to helping children and families achieve their highest potential for almost 30 years.


NYFS is  based at 15 Berkshire Road in Sandy Hook and is governed by a community board of directors. Most importantly, NYFS provides programs, services, activities, counseling, support groups, and education to community members, throughout the Greater Newtown area.


“NYFS strives to meet the needs of the community on an ongoing basis” said agency Executive Director Candice Bohr. “We are working with the town of Newtown, the school district, the interfaith community, and private providers to assess the types of supports and programming that is desired.”


Within the last year NYFS has expanded, hiring five full-time and seven part-time employees. In addition, starting mid-September, NYFS will be opening for limited Saturday hours.


“Due to the amount of clients we are seeing on an intake basis, we are excited to be opening the agency for limited hours on Saturdays” said Intake Coordinator Marissa Rheiner. Rheiner also mentioned the agency’s walk-in support services, “They [walk-in support services] are being offered for both individuals and families in the community who have been impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.”


NYFS walk-in support services are for both individuals and families to express their personal concerns and feelings related to the tragedy, meet with a staff therapist who can address these concerns, answer questions, and provide referrals for ongoing services if needed. While no appointment is necessary, Rheiner encourages community members to call ahead if they wish to be seen at a specific time.


For full a complete listing of walk-in support hours, agency hours and more information please visit NYFS’ website at

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