Northeast Beer Hunter: Deviant Dale’s IIPA

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Oscar Blues Brewery has another hit on its hands with this tasty Imperial IPA. Deviant Dale’s is the first offering in a tallboy can from the brewery that originated the “can” craft beer revolution 20 years ago. This brew did it right when they made the jump from “regular” (but also tasty) Dale’s Pale Ale, to the stronger and more robust Deviant Dale’s. Oskar made the right choice in deciding not to make this a “hop bomb”, instead tweaking it just enough where all the flavors can shine through without being overwhelmed by sheer hops.  Also, add another 1.5% ABV on the regular Dale’s!


Appearance: I was surprised at the sharp color that was pouring out of the can.  Deviant Dale’s pours a nice copper, almost amber color, and leaves a full few fingers of head on top. The head dissipates in a timely fashion, and as you drink this tasty beverage down, it leaves a nice level of lacing along the walls of the glass.  4/5


Nose: This beer has a very strong and appetizing nose.  You are able to slightly smell the alcohol over the hops and citrus.  Slight marijuana smell to it.  4/5


Mouth feel: Deviant Dale’s has a smooth feel from beginning to end, with a somewhat light carbonation level that fits the beer very nicely. It has a medium overall body and a scary drinkability for its ABV.  3.5/5


Taste: Right off the bat, you’re hit with citrus hops, grapefruit, slight orange, and some floral flavors. You also get a full serving of some “piney” hops to the point that many of my beer geek friends have described the flavor as “dank”.  Deviant Dale’s does a good job of hiding the alcohol, but it is still slightly noticeable on the back end, and I like that. It lets you know that you are drinking an Imperial IPA, not just a 5 or 6% pale ale or standard IPA. It has some sweetness to it, but nothing over the top.  Very tasty and solid overall.  4/5


If you like standard IPA’s or Imperial/Double IPA’s, this is certainly worth a try. Most products Oscar Blues makes hit the spot, and this one is no different. They took the great, everyday beer, Dale’s Pale Ale, and amped it up a little in all facets. From there, a tasty, but not over the top Imperial IPA is born. Deviant Dale’s is sold in 4 pack tallboys, and is available for purchase in CT, NY, NJ, PA, and RI.  Sorry MA!


Overall: 4/5

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