Obama, Romney Not The Only Candidates On CT Ballot

Rocky Anderson, Independent Party Presidential nominee. Photo by WJLA.
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With the election season nearing and most of the presidential talk centered on Democratic and Republican nominees, third-party presidential candidates are often left out of the conversation. However, two such nominees have landed spots on Connecticut’s ballot and are in the running to enact their bids nationwide.


The Independent Party’s presidential nominee Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, a former two-term Democratic mayor of Salt Lake City, and Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, will both appear on Connecticut’s ballot Nov. 6.


If elected, Anderson, the 59-year-old, anti-war Utah native, will only go to war for moral, security, and economic reasons rather than “engage in illegal wars of aggression.” He will raise the minimum wage, legalize marijuana, confront the wealth and income disparity, and propose a new equal rights amendment that doesn’t discriminate against ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or religion, according to his campaign website.



Read more about Anderson and his running mate Luis J. Hernandez and Gary Johnson and his running mate Jim Gray at CT News Junkie.

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