Passion, Discipline, Intuition, Intellect Are in New London

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New London’s Hygienic Art Galleries will present ‘Passion Discipline Intuition Intellect,’ a fine art show of national and international artists organized by guest curator Alexander Shundi, from July 6 through August 3. The exhibition will feature works by Tony Carretta, Elizabeth Seewald Hill, John Greene, Susan Ferri, Patty Mullins, Kardash Onnig, Murray Zimiles and Alexander Shundi. The show opens with a special artists’ reception on Saturday, July 6 from 6 to 9pm.


Shundi, born in Parma, Italy and educated at Yale University, has been making art all of his life. He is an educator, a cook, a world traveler, and a poet. He chose eight (his favorite number) respected artist friends to represent the value of diversity and artistic caliber for this exhibition.


This group is drawn from diverse aesthetic and conceptual disciplines, each representing particular references and inspiration independently from one another. The theme is not the similarity or even agreement between the images chosen but rather the richness of possibilities and choices offered by the adhesion to the principal elements of the title: passion, discipline, intuition, and intellect.


Passion is the spark of the idea, coupled with the desire to explore it, and the necessary excitement in its discovery; discipline refers to the formal elements and time dedicated toward the physical organization of the concept; intuition is the truth of the perception, the recognition and immediate apprehension of the mystery and poetry of the intention, independent from a reasoned process; intellect is the dialogue and organization with which one understands and consciously analyzes the content and structural process of the idea.


This group of painters and sculptors has been friends for a long time, sharing criticisms, discussion, and an exchange of ideas and methods over the years. They have managed to each create a subjective interest and style while reaching a point of elevated artistic value. From pure non-objective and objective abstraction, to landscape, figure, still life, and symbolism, the artists chose a wide menu of methods and materials to tell their stories and reveal their sensations. The imagining and the creation, the joy and the struggle, the obsession of expression, and the intelligence of presentation are a strong bind between them.


The artists exhibiting in this show have works in permanent collections worldwide, including the Smithsonian Institute of American Art, the Holocaust Museum in Tel Aviv, and the White House, among others.


Hygienic Art Galleries is located at 79 Bank Street in New London, Connecticut.  Regular gallery hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am to 3pm, Thursday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm, and Sunday noon to 3pm.  For more information on this show and other upcoming exhibitions, visit or call (860)443-8001.

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