Pizza with a Purpose

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Nico’s Pizza and Pasta on Main Street in Danbury, Connecticut is well-known for its perfect pies. This little restaurant has won numerous local awards for “Best Pizza”, and the delicious aromas emanating from their ovens has drawn in Main Street passers-by many a time.

But Nico’s pies are more than a mealtime favorite. Attend any local charity event and you’re likely to dine on something delicious from the Nico’s premises.

Nico’s owner George Korres is well-known for dishing out pizza, trays of ziti, cookies and more for all sorts of charity events. He recently provided salad and wings for the 4th annual Multiple Sclerosis Benefit at Danbury’s Cousin Larry’s.

Last November, Korres and the Nico’s staff organized the first annual Karing for Kelly charity event to raise money for the family of Kelly Galarza, a young Danbury resident recovering from brain cancer. Nico’s also catered a follow-up Karing for Kelly event at Cousin Larry’s in December.

You can find the Nico’s staff on the corner of Elm and Main Street serving pizza, coffee and hearty meals every Thanksgiving morning, rain or shine.

You can also find the Nico’s staff on the corner of Elm and Main Street serving pizza, coffee and hearty meals every Thanksgiving morning, rain or shine. Nico’s partners with other local businesses and organizations to provide good food and company to those who need it every holiday season.

Whether its pizza pies, garlic knots or a dinner for two, Korres never hesitates to donate to a good cause. The Nico’s staff has been known to open up on Sunday, their only day off, just to throw some pies in the oven for a benefit.

Fracnsico Marin has been the head pizza-maker at Nico’s for years. He has it down to a science, and a tasty one at that–I’ve seen him fire up 40 pizzas in about 35 minutes. Among his specialty pies are Ranch(cheese, tomato sauce, bacon and Ranch dressing), not-too-spicy buffalo chicken, and Stuffed, a multi cheese and meat top-and-bottom-crusted pie that will abate even the hungriest person’s appetite. Marin’s calzones and garlic knots are also locally famous.

Nico’s also makes some truly mouth-watering Italian entrees. Homemade pasta and perfected recipes come together to create delicious dinners and generous portions at an affordable price. The favorite meal of the Nico’s staff? Chicken Francaise.

For those looking for a light lunch, Nico’s offers this great afternoon special for $5.25: 13 different sandwiches, both hot and cold, on their homemade focaccia bread. The bread is lighter than air and the meal comes with a choice of homemade macaroni salad(also locally famous) or a crunchy pickle and a choice of a fountain soda.

Whether lunch, dinner, or non-profit event, Nico’s can handle the job.

Nico’s is located at 175 Main Street in Danbury. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 11 am to 9:30 pm. They also deliver to anywhere in Danbury. Call (203)792-6426.

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