Would You Destroy This Bug?

By Joene Hendry

Were you to find this on one of your vegetable or ornamental plants would you know what it is? Would you squish it or, even worse, spray it with an insecticide under the belief that all bugs are bad?   You’d be making a mistake…. Read more »


Windows 8: A Dramatic Departure from Prior Versions

Lon Seidman

  Microsoft is betting big on Windows 8’s new interface that is designed more for touch screens and tablets than keyboards and mice.   The biggest and most noticeable change happens after the machine boots, where a colorful start screen replaces the traditional desktop interface… Read more »

We Are Killing Bees

Joene Hendry

Do you know that the grub-killing pesticide you put on your lawn and the flea control you put on your pet likely contains imidacloprid, a pesticide implicated in honeybee-killing Colony Collapse Disorder? And, if you purchase non-organic coffee, citrus, grapes and other fruits, potatoes and… Read more »

Water World, Part 1: Ocean Health

Robert Rae

by Allan Richter and Linda Melonefrom Energy Times During his fifth season playing affable bartender Sam Malone on “Cheers,” Ted Danson was walking with his daughters along the beach in Santa Monica, California, when they encountered a sign that read, “Water polluted. No Swimming.” Danson… Read more »

Watching and Recording Plant Phases

Robert Rae

by Joene’s Garden Spring is springing early in Connecticut and I have more than anecdotal observations to prove it. I have multiple years of plant phase data recorded by me and other citizen scientists on the Project Budburst website. Project Budburst is a very cool… Read more »

Vernal Pools: Microcosm of Life

Will Michael

  In Connecticut, vernal pools may easily go unnoticed when in the woods. Vernal pools are small and often disappear during the dry summer months, but if one takes the time to look, vernal pools provide a constant source of phenomenal wildlife.   A key… Read more »


Will The New Blackberrys Save the Company?

Lon Seidman

  Research in Motion changed its corporate name Wednesday to that of its only product, Blackberry, and announced two new smartphones running a completely new operating system that finally puts the Blackberry on par with competing devices.   While Blackberry was beloved as an email… Read more »

What Will Windows 8 Do for Microsoft?

Matt Ramey

  Every five years or so Windows has come out with an updated piece of software, nothing out of the ordinary for a computer company, but this year’s update is not just an improvement over the last model. Instead of only making everything look faster… Read more »

WestConn Identifies Database Vulnerability, Provides Solution


  Danbury’s Western Connecticut State University is in the process of notifying students, their families, and other constituents that their personal information may have been exposed to unauthorized access by a computer system vulnerability that has since been corrected. WestConn has found no evidence that… Read more »

The Science Fair of the Future

Laurel Tuohy

  If there is an app for creativity and hard work, the students involved in The Student Innovation Expo 2012 in Hartford, Connecticut must have downloaded it! Students from 35 schools statewide will compete in the categories of: Business Plan, ePortfolio, eCommerce, Film, App Design,… Read more »

Astrological Outlook for 07/28/2013

By Kyle Jeremy Neidig

The Moon:



is in Taurus Monday through Tuesday morning.


moves into Gemini Wednesday morning until Saturday morning.


will remain in Cancer for the rest of the weekend. 





Be aware of what you have, think about why, and feel the purpose within you.






[wpsr_socialbts type=”32px”]


(Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)


Make some room for the fun and explorative things. Don’t neglect the ones whom you’ve given a portion of your heart to. They’re trying very hard and making a huge effort. The most respectful thing to do is to be honest, or to match their intensity with equal amounts of love and compassion. If you like how they make you feel, you should want to be with them as often as possible. If this isn’t the case, you should let them know.


Transparency is the best policy.”


(Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)


Let’s get together; it’s time to celebrate. Treat your heart as a love shack. If you aren’t embracing life to the fullest, then what the hell are you doing with your time? Be a part of love like there’s no tomorrow. If people aren’t being receptive to your true being, then let them be and just be you. Some individuals will come around, and some will never learn. All and all, you should never stop dancing. If the music’s got you feeling so free, you better celebrate.


“Harder, better, faster, stronger!”


(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


We hope that you’ve had a luxurious week. Was it full of love, friendship, laughter, communal behavior, and acceptance? It better be, because you’re stunting your growth if all you ever do is take and never give. There are multiple types of giving. Some are suited to specific personalities, and some are more than common place. What we must do is to figure out a blend of the intricate and the simplistic.


“For the good of all, all for on.e”


(Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)


Be the person you know you are. Never falter, never waver, and never give in to the next best thing. You deserve all the world’s riches. Remember though, to obtain true happiness you need to climb up from the mud and over the treacherous hillsides. Though you really shouldn’t have a problem–mud and soil are a part of your nature. These entities house many sacred organisms, such as yourself.


“Honor the divine in everyone and everything.”