Seed to Salad in 10 Days–You Can Grow That!



Need a quick growing fix? Look no further than a seed packet of micro greens. With minimal effort you can go from seed to salad in 10 days, making micro greens a perfect You Can Grow That! success story.


On the fourth of each month, garden bloggers write You Can Grow That! posts to enlighten others of the joys and ease of gardening. I cannot think of anything much easier or more quickly rewarding than a small crop of a micro green seed blend meant to be harvested when about two inches tall.


My small crop grows in two black nursery seedling flats (hoarded for seed starting) filled to about a half inch from the top edge with a container potting mix. I broadcast the seeds across the top of the potting medium, then cover the seeds with a thin layer of more potting medium. My favorite method for watering freshly seeded flats is under the light spray of a kitchen sink sprayer. Then I place the flats in a waterproof tray with about a half  inch of water in the bottom. This allows the potting medium to soak up water from the bottom.


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