Stonington’s Beer’d Brewing Co. Wins OmNomCT’s Best Connecticut IPA



Ah, IPAs.


The India Pale Ale is definitely my favorite kind of beer, and there are so many different and creative IPA concoctions on the market to enjoy. OmNomCT listed nearly 30 Connecticut IPAs for their CT Best IPA contest last week, including notables such as Half Full Brewery’s Half Full Pale Ale (Stamford), City Steam Brewery’s Innocence Ale (Hartford), and New England Brewery’s Gandhi-Bot (Woodbridge).


Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro, the foodies behind OmNom, wrote that it seemed as though the Gandhi-Bot was going to take the cake early in the contest; then fans of Stonington’s Beer’d Brewing Co. banded together to push the company’s Grove Stand Double IPA to the top. I’ve never had this brew, nor had I heard of Beer’d until OmNom‘s contest, but according to Untappd (the beer equivalent of Foursquare), this imperial clocks in with an ABV of 9.2% and has strong pineapple notes alongside a hint of tangerine. Sounds like the perfect summer IPA to me.


Beer’d identifies itself as “an amalgamation of art and science.”  Their beers are made in very small batches, and the brewery itself produces on the “nano” scale: a less than four barrel brew system. This allows for maximum creativity, and Beer’d says they produce several experimental beers a year. Since their production scale is so small, Beer’d can’t offer a concrete beer list in-house, though they promise visitors––and their taste buds––a happy and unique experience. For more information on Beer’d, visit their website at Their tap room is open on the weekends.



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