Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says New York Times Review of Model S Is “Fake”

The Tesla Model S.
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The New York Times fired back at Tesla’s Elon Musk after the outspoken CEO posted a tweetclaiming a Times article critical of Tesla’s flagship electric sedan was “fake.”


The New York Times piece, entitled “Stalled out on Tesla’s Electric Highway,” detailed writer John Broder’s trip from Washington DC to Connecticut in a Tesla Model S sedan in cold weather.  The company loaned Broder a vehicle so that he could drive from suburban Washington DC to Connecticut.


The fully electric vehicle does not have a secondary gasoline back up like vehicles from Ford, Toyota, and Chevy do, but Tesla claims their car can travel approximately 265 miles on a full charge. Tesla is also building numerous charging stations along the I-95 corridor where Tesla owners can fuel up for free during long trips. One of those stations recently opened in Milford.


Broder says the first leg of his journey was uneventful, stopping at a Delaware Tesla charging station for a little under an hour to fuel up for the long trip to Milford. As he set out on his journey with a fully charged battery, Broder writes that the vehicle’s reported range dropped faster than his rate of travel, forcing him to lower his speed to 54 miles per hour and to turn the cabin heater off.  He says he arrived in Milford running on the electric vehicle equivalent of fumes following a stop in Manhattan.


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