The 6th Annual Asparagus Festival at White Silo Farm & Winery



The White Silo Farm & Winery in Sherman, Connecticut is hosting their sixth annual asparagus festival Saturday May 18 and Sunday May 19 from 12-5pm.


Fresh asparagus is picked the morning of the event and prepared in various small dishes such as asparagus grilled cheese, asparagus gelato, and asparagus flatbread. At least six dishes will be prepared highlighting the farm’s asparagus. Food items are $5 to $6 per plate.


Live music plus tours of the winery, farm, and farm museum will be offered throughout the day. This is a child friendly event. Admission is free. Reservations are not required.






White Silo Farm & Winery is loating at 2 Route 37 E in Sherman.  For more information, call (917)699-7355 or (860)355-0271.  Visit White Silo online at

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