The Fire Escape Garden: June



It’s late June, and my fifth floor urban garden is thriving.  I’ve already harvested two bins of microgreens, my strawberries “patch” is fruiting, and the hydrangea pictured at left is in full pink bloom.  Two broccoli seedlings have survived a bout with cabbage worms, and it looks like my tries with watermelon, okra, and potatoes will be successful in the coming months.


Below are photos from my fire escape garden from the past few weeks.  Check out my garden back in May to see how things have grown: The Fire Escape Garden: May



NOTE: When using a fire escape as a garden, it’s important to keep the walkway clear.  This is an emergency exit, after all!




HTC Radar 4G_002069


This container is nearly bursting with soon-to-bloom lilies.  Dill is pictured at right, and in the center some black0eyed susans are emerging.  I’ve decided to turn this into a perennial container once the dill is finished.


HTC Radar 4G_002015


The microgreens bin just before first harvest.


HTC Radar 4G_002017


Second harvest.  I’ll resow this bin after the third harvest.


HTC Radar 4G_002203


Pot o’ potatoes!  I mounded the bottom of these plants a few days ago, which helps the plant grow more tubers.  I’m growing these from a potato I bought at the grocery store a few months ago:


HTC Radar 4G_002033


All of those eyes are potential new potato plants.  I cut about five different plants from this one potato.  Here’s a great resource for growing potatoes from Margaret Roach’s blog, A Way to Gardengrowing potatoes organically: when and how to plant, hill and harvest


HTC Radar 4G_002076


I thought my broccoli seedlings were finished after these cabbage worms got to them.  But they’ve prevailed!  I sometimes forget that I’m not immune from pests even at five floors up.  Sometimes pests come from soil, or even from plantlings.


HTC Radar 4G_002201


Watermelon in the front, okra in the back, and recuperating broccoli at left and right.


HTC Radar 4G_002202


First tomatoes.


HTC Radar 4G_002132


First strawberries.


HTC Radar 4G_002070


The pest known as Felis cactus got to this Wandering Jew, but it too is coming back strong.


HTC Radar 4G_002200


My money plant is doing well, but something is munching on a few of the leaves.  A cedar waxwing has been slowly stealing the coconut moss in the basket for a nest also.


HTC Radar 4G_002064


A very happy flowering plant whose name I still don’t know.



Stay tuned for the July edition of “The Fire Escape Garden!”

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