This Week on the Information Super Highway – April 5, 2013

Hadokening, a Japanese photo fad inspired by a special attack from the 'Dragon Ball Z' anime series.


As some of you may know, having a job where you are stationed in front of a computer all day awards you with plenty of time to surf the internet. Every week, great content becomes popular for a couple of days, only to be quickly replaced by the next best thing, – and people who only occasionally browse the web never see it.


But fear not, your good buddy Mike is looking out for you. Every week I’ll take a handful of that great/awful web junk and post it here for your amusement.














There’s been a lot of talk about North Korea in the news. Take a look at this propaganda video showing what it’s like to live in the U.S today:





This video of a naked man getting locked out of his hotel room just gets better the longer you watch. Don’t miss the audio at the end.





Taylor Swift is a popular subject on the internet. I admit I’m a little out of touch with what kids are listening to these days, which makes me feel old. So when I saw this video not only did I have to look up the original Swift song; I also felt that I wasn’t alone in feeling old.





Some beautiful person took the time to make a supercut of all the movie references from the show ’30 Rock.’





It’s hard to keep up with all the photo fads out there, so much so that ‘South Park’ even did an episode about them. Earlier this week, “Hadokening” became a fad in Japan. Then later in the week, the U.S responded with it’s own version called “Vadering” Read up on the phenomenon here:


An example of Vadering, the U.S. response to the Japanese photo fad of Hadokening.




Jim Carrey’s controversial gun control video, “Cold Dead Hand,” (Carrey plays Charleton Heston and sings a bad country song) is breaking records on Funny or Die.



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