This Week on the Information Super Highway: Beautiful Balls & the World’s Smallest Movie

A still from 'A Boy and His Atom,' a film made by IBM using stop motion and atoms.


As some of you may know, having a job where you are stationed in front of a computer all day awards you with plenty of time to surf the internet. Every week, great content becomes popular for a couple of days, only to be quickly replaced by the next best thing – and people who only occasionally browse the web never see it.


But fear not, your good buddy Mike is looking out for you. Every week I’ll take a handful of that great/awful web junk and post it here for your amusement.










Amanda Bloom wrote a thought-provoking article earlier this week about a Dove commercial.  Now its my turn! Here are two spoof videos that came out mocking Dove’s popular “Real Beaty Sketches,” which basically states that all women think they are ugly: 





Speaking of testicles – ever wonder what hurts more, giving birth or being kicked in the “family jewels?” Lets see if science can explain.




Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s smallest stop motion movie, made with atoms:





One of my favorite shows, ‘The Walking Dead,’ got the “Bad Lip Reading” treatment. For anyone who hasn’t seen these BLR videos, I recommend you check some of them out. New ones come out every couple weeks or so.


“And that’s how they do it on Broadway.”

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