This Week on the Information Super Highway: Michael Jordan vs. the Sheens, Drinking Beer via Ear

Michael Jordan, Dick Van Patten, and Martin and Charlie Sheen in an unearthed 80s basketball competition, 'War of the Stars.'


As some of you may know, having a job where you are stationed in front of a computer all day awards you with plenty of time to surf the internet. Every week, great content becomes popular for a couple of days, only to be quickly replaced by the next best thing – and people who only occasionally browse the web never see it.


But fear not, your good buddy Mike is looking out for you. Every week I’ll take a handful of that great/awful web junk and post it here for your amusement.














It’s been another crazy week in the news with those kidnapped Ohio girls being found after a decade. From that has spawned a new internet meme of Charles Ramsey, the neighbor who aided in the girls escape. There are now hundreds of video remixes of his interview. But when is comes to remixes, The Gregory Brothers’ renditions are always the most anticipated.





I’m surprised I made it this long without posting any cat videos. This one was too good to pass up. Backstory: a “Thundershirt” is a vest you put on a cat or dog to comfort them during a thunderstorm. Maybe it works too well.





So this video of a girl chugging a beer though her ear is making the rounds on a lot of sites. I personally can’t vouch for its authenticity, but others have done research and found that it is possible but she probably has cancer.





Every once in a while somebody uploads a video to YouTube that would otherwise have been lost in a pile of old VHS tapes forever. Two weeks ago someone found this old tape of Michael Jordan playing Martin and Charlie Sheen in basketball in the 80s. The ‘War of the Stars’ video is broken down for you at



My favorite line: “He drives, just like us ordinary mortals.” – Van Patten




Oh, and don’t forget to wish your mothers a happy Mothers Day.


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